photography ~~ nostalgic (weekly photo challenge)

Great theme…hard to choose.

 I think I get high on nostalgia.  Retracing steps taken in my childhood, visiting places rich in history,  re-reading classics,   perusing family albums and scrapbooks, a familiar scent, collecting memories…I love it all.


Pop on over to The Daily Post for a great “trip” down memory lane.



9 thoughts on “photography ~~ nostalgic (weekly photo challenge)

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    • Haha…and no. I have thought about it but just haven’t taken the jump. I have an uncle who has already traced my father’s family back about 300-400 years. AND he did it before personal computers!! I suppose I could trace my mom’s…


  3. I highly recommend doing your family history. Not only have I learned about my genetic roots (well, as far back as 1812), I’ve got more interested in history and geography. I’ve also connected with some really fantastic people – 2nd and 3rd cousins and so on. The amazing thing is that because I live abroad, perhaps, when I come to see them they always invite us to stay. In fact, a 2nd cousin I just contacted last year but have never met, has just got in touch to ask if we would be interested in house sitting for them for three week, to take care of their two cats and their plants. We’ve taken them up on it – they live on the sea front at Nice, France! I still can’t really believe it…


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