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I worked in ophthalmology for many, many years.  I loved it.  And I am still very passionate about eye health.  For example, I always remind my husband not to rub his eyes too vigorously (why? it breaks down the skin and tissue around the delicate eye area).  I lecture my son-in-law about not wearing his contacts to bed (why? because it can lead to detrimental eye infections that can cause blindness).  I implore my parents to get regular dilated exams (why?  because macular degeneration is a growing problem and best handled in early stages).  Of course, I do everything perfectly so I don’t have to lecture myself.  But I am about to lecture you…sweetly and politely, bien sur.

Do you know what is the leading cause of blindness…globally?  Read what WHO states:

Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment; cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness in middle- and low-income countries.

What is the simplest (and chic-est) way to help prevent cataracts?  WEAR YOUR SUNGLASSES.  Wear them in the sun, in the shade, in the summer, in the winter, on cloudy days…whenever you are outside.  Have young children…babies?  Have them wear sunglasses.  Pets?  Not a bad idea either…even though Rockefeller does not have his own pair yet (so evidently, I don’t do everything perfectly).

So, the next time you are headed outside, please remember this post.  And how gracefully I can nag.


I am linking up with the ever elegant, chic-ly sunnies clad gals, Adrienne and Jill for the monthly edition of “How I Wear My…(can you guess?)…Sunglasses”.  You won’t see me around for a few days due to some commitments that you will read more about later.  See you soon!



13 thoughts on “chic ~~ sunnies

  1. I had no idea!! I always wear them in the sun, usually even when it’s bright but not sunny. I’ll be more vigilant now. Plus it cuts down on that ever nasty squinting which causes the even nastier wrinkles. I love the shape of your Sunnies!!


  2. Good thing I love sunnies so much! This is really great. I’ve had issues with my eyes since I was little so I’m very sensitive to all of that. I actually had to wear an eye patch when I was six or seven to strengthen one of my eyes. It was awful!


  3. I remember like yesterday my paternal grandfather’s eye advice: if your eye feels like it needs to be rubbed – do it gently and use your knuckle, not your finger. You don’t want the oil from your finger in your eye.
    Peter and I both have transition lenses so we always have sunglasses on. Love them.
    Is that the right name? Transition? I always get that mixed up for the bifocal without a line.


  4. I love your glasses so much, including how much you paid for them (!) and that you put new lenses in them and have used them for a long time. That is the height of budget chic to me. Thank you so much for joining Adrienne and me for the “How I Wear My” post. Your picture was one of my favorites! XO, Jill


  5. This find may go down as the best secondhand deal ever! I love them on you…classic, well-made and they fit your face so well. Thank you for joining us this month, my dear! And thank you for the eye health advice. I am a big fan of sunglasses so no convincing needed here but my husband is terrible about wearing his. I am going to have him read this post.
    xo, A
    Oh, and by the way, I bought sunglasses (goggles) for Daisy and she refused to wear them. I can’t say I was surprised by that though. Most dogs hate things on their faces or heads.


  6. Well, huh….I did not know that about cataracts. Okay, I’m going to wear my sunnies more often. Thanks for the ever so polite nag. 🙂

    I love your Gucci glasses. They are fabulous! I’m glad you shared them with Adrienne, because it gave me the chance to find your blog.

    Sue xo


  7. Great glasses, oh, sorry, “sunnies” and a real beautiful picture of you! You should frame it and put it somewhere nice and/or give it to your family as a gift. It’s so different 😀 Excellent! 🙂
    Have a HAPPY week! 🙂


  8. Eye infection was what my mom was struggling against for nearly a 6 months, and it cost her sight on her only good eye – so it’s truly serious – and it has nothing to do with low income countries.
    You’re looking very smart and I really like your shades … I have Polaroid that can put over my glasses, but the problems is that I can’t see the screen display on my camera with them on.
    They are very likeness yours in model. To be out in the sun today .. is dangerous without shade on, that is what all experts say because of the ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner.


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