french ~~ pretty solutions…

…as only the French know how to do.  Attractive and functional–what more could a serious student of Vintage French Chic want (in her kitchen)?  I am talking about Charles Viancin’s Silicone Lids.

Have you seen these?  They are adorable and really do work.  I bought a couple at our local gift shop and I have used them constantly.  I am looking forward to adding to my collection.

According to Charles Viancin’s webpage/packaging, these lids are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  They will adhere tightly to all smooth rims:  stainless steel, glass, plastic and melamine.  Another claim, which I haven’t investigated, is that they allow you to cook without oils or fats.

Here is mine at work:

001 003 004

As you know, it wouldn’t be a proper demonstration, in my world, without using my vintage Pyrex bowl.  But you get the idea.  I am sure they work with “new” Made in China stuff too.

Pretty nifty, huh?  These would also be great to use while dining al fresco during the warm summer nights–keep those devil bugs out of the food.  Go check out the website.  There are other cute, handy-dandy products as well.



8 thoughts on “french ~~ pretty solutions…

  1. I remember popping into Monoprix when we were in France and see all sort of everyday things in pretty colours and innovative designs. Why are those things everywhere?


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