vintage french chic ~~ a bientot!

Guess what?!

I CAN’T DO IT ALL…this week.

So for the good of my mental health, I am taking a blogging break .  I should be back next week(ish).  The rest of this month/beginning of next month is very busy.  And when I say break, I mean break.  No blogosphere for moi…I will be off the grid.  Until we meet again, I leave you with some pretty iris photos because they are about to bloom again around here and you know I love them! (Umm, actually maybe you don’t…I always confuse what has been said here –on this blog– with what was said on my prior one.  After a quick search for a post to link to on this blog, I find I have said NOTHING about irises.   Not sure changing up blogs was good for the peri-menopausal mind).

spring2012 020

Have a great end of May/first of June!  Are there lots of weddings and graduations on your agenda?


PS  I know it was sweet of me to leave y’all with something pretty to look at for a while but if you find it is not enough, and you are in want of my dry wit and humor, I am available through email.

PPS  Curious…is that electrical cord bothering anyone else in my header photo??


13 thoughts on “vintage french chic ~~ a bientot!

  1. The photos are just gorgeous! I feel like I took a trip to the botanic garden. Enjoy your break. Don’t be gone too long! Also, I never noticed the cord in the picture until now. When I see the header my eyes go straight to the chairs in that gorgeous shade of blue. If you have a picture of yourself in florals, send it to me quick before you are off the blogging grid! I will add it to the “How I Wear My: Florals” post, which goes up June 4. XO, Jill


  2. That last photo with the Irish and the water – stunning, Heather. Yes, we need a blogging break at times … I have decided that I will be in blogging land the days I post something myself – got so stressed out the other day, when I had 130 notifications in my inbox. Had to rethink, but still be loyal to my friends here.
    Enjoy your break and … I will be here, when you return.


  3. You have left us with lovely photos to enjoy during your break. I hope you enjoy your time off. As far as the cord, if you hadn’t mentioned it I don’t think most people would even notice it. After all…we live in the real world and have to work around how our homes are constructed. 🙂


  4. Oh, it wouldn’t be right not to mention (show) iris (my favourite flower, unless perhaps for roses…). Enjoy your break. I’m going to finish my Friday Veblen project and the re-assess how I want to blog in future. It is fun, but it’s also a lot of work!


  5. I’m back, baby! This time I am loving the photos of the bearded irises, so great. What camera do you use? The shots are as clear as can be. Thank you so much for joining us for the “How I Wear My: Florals” post. You were the only one who showed a bag, a gal after my own heart! And it was good to promote Kim White’s work. Will I drive you crazy if I say again that you should be a model? XO, Jill


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