chic ~~ at play with my “new” summer handbag

I took it out for a spin Sunday.  It went well and I rather like this vintage Susan Gail bag.

(sorry about the photo quality)


It is big but without bulk.  I love the slim silhouette (the bag…not me).


You may recall from my post last week that wearing a straw bag during summer is something I find very chic.  And I quoted not just one but TWO French ladies of fashion who support that idea too.  Well now I can add another chic lady to the roster:  Adrienne at The Rich Life (on a Budget).

When I decided to have the woman from Kenya come over with all her straw bags, I contacted Adrienne to see if she would be interested.  I suspected she might be because of a pin she had on Pinterest:

Love everything - every single thing - about this look. Hair, bag, sandals, jeans, scarf, shirt, location. All of it!

Through a series of texts and pictures, she picked out a couple that she liked.  I was happy to gift one to her because this lovely lady brought back a tin of Mariage Freres tea all the way from PARIS for me.

 She is just way too kind and I had to find a way to show my thanks.  You should flit on over to her blog and see how she is using her “made in Kenya” Straw Bag/Tote.  She knows how to style just about anything tres chic-ly.

Wearing my new vintage bag prompted me to re-assess my handbag wardrobe. I sat down in my closet and lovingly went through all of my bags…determined to let a few go.  Only two got cut– rather reluctantly.  It was a good exercise though because it helped me to realize that (1.) I have chosen each handbag I own (mostly vintage) for a specific reason/color/function and (2.) I need to sit in my closet more often and look at them before I buy any more!!!  It was  a cathartic little love fest.  But since I have reached the point where I can’t purge the bags I have, then I must desist from adding more.  Have you reached that point with anything in your wardrobe?



25 thoughts on “chic ~~ at play with my “new” summer handbag

  1. I love your humour, you have a funny way of life that I really like. I like your new bag and return to the old style blog, with photos handcrafted. I really like the set you wear, with the green jacket. The joke of the silhouette is lovely … and your figure too, do not despise.


    • I am thankful that you can read my humor. Sometimes I wonder if it comes through properly in print…plus translation on top of it. As for the photos, it is really hard to find an area in my home where there is enough light to get a good picture. In the Winter it is just dark all the time. And in the Summer, we have more light but are surrounded by trees so lots of shade. Today is dark and rainy…so I have gone through the house putting on lights just to elevate my mood. Crazy. Thanks for your comments!


  2. Well, at least you use all of your bags. I’m just about to go upstairs and have a little cull of my own. Mr Sulky has far too many shirts and he’ll never even notice the missing ones have left the building. My wardrobe is perfect of course! Your hair is getting longer, I like it!


    • Thank goodness Mr. S has you to keep him balanced–in all things, I am sure. Thanks for noticing my hair. It has taken FOREVER to get it long. I still want about 3-4 more inches on it. I really don’t know why. I just don’t know what else to do with it.


  3. Heather, you’re one entertaining lady … *smile – love your sense of humor. We just have to get together next year in Chicago. Mad as a hatter with your bags, just like me … I think I have to do a post about my last addition from – olive green suede bag and lovely ballerina from sale. Yes, I will .. I love your straw-bag – and you are still a fantastic looking woman – even in half size.


    • Thanks, V! I will look forward to reading your post…soon I hope. “Mad as a hatter” pretty much does describe me with my handbags–good one. I don’t get the half-size comment though. ?? xo


  4. My only problem with straw bags is that they are open and easy for people to reach into and snatch things. I’ve never had that happen, but it’s an issue.

    As an Anglophile perhaps I shouldn’t admit it, but I love Mariage Freres tea.


    • I have that same fear with any type of bucket bag or tote. Thankfully my “new” straw hobo completely zips closed. Yay! I own only one bag that has a single snap closure at the top, leaving the sides open to invaders.

      I would love to know what kinds/brands of tea you enjoy besides Mariage Freres (which is both difficult to get and expensive as a result).


    • Holy cow, I misread that, and thought you said you packed away dark clothes IN handbags until fall and…

      That’s kind of a nifty idea, actually. Substitute “heavy” for “dark” and use large handbags. Put them to work.


  5. First, thank you so very much for the bags – you are so generous to gift me one. And second, you can sit down in your closet?? I guess I could do that in mine if I got into a yogi position and removed all the shoes from the floor!
    Fun to do this post in conjunction with you.
    Thank you again, dear Heather!


    • You are so welcome…and again, merci right back atcha you for the tea. Yes, I can sit in my closet. It’s a small walk-thru. It links our room to the bathroom. It even has a window.

      I hope we can link up again in the future! xoxo


  6. You are the only chic lady of fashion that I know, so I am guessing I will be looking for a straw bag soon. And speaking of all things French, I am heading to Paris this weekend. Is there anything there you would like? I’d be happy to pick it up and send it on to you. à bientôt!


    • Paige, I think you should buy your straw bag IN Paris…a perfect souvenir. And when people ask where you got it you can demurely say…”oh, in Paris.” Whereas I can only say either, “off Etsy” or “off my family room floor”. See? Not nearly as cool. But if you can’t find what you are looking for in Paris, this is a great site for modestly priced bags: Or there is always Etsy and vintage shops.

      Thank you for the very nice comment about moi being “the only chic lady of fashion” that you know. But I have to wonder, where is your bar set? Because I will bet if you raise it a bit higher, you will soon know more. : )

      Do I need anything from Paris?? Probably yes but I can’t think of what!! Have a wonderful time over there. How long will you be gone?


      • That’s a great idea … to look for a straw bag there! I will check out the website too. Thanks! I know it sounds decadent, but there really is no other way to say it… I’m going to Paris for the weekend. I met a pilot. 🙂 Let me know if you think of anything you might like. I’ve had a tough few years, you make me laugh, I’d be happy to do something to make you smile too!


  7. No way I need everything I own…. if you are getting rid of any of your bags send them my way….. (my not so subtle hint). I’m thinking I might need one of those straw bags!


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