vintage chic ~~ spring is in the details

Despite the incredible happiness I have experienced while enjoying our rather fine weather, it has turned colder again. There is an actual “freeze warning” for tonight…which figures since I just planted all my flowers.  As a result, I am loath to get rid of my winter things just yet.   Instead I am letting Spring speak through a few accessories and not through light-weight  fabric which would leave me frozen .

As you may have read on my post yesterday, May 12th marked the first year anniversary for our Kiddos.  So of course I was thinking back to the beautiful wedding day we shared.  I decided to break out the vintage necklace and brooch I wore that day to commemorate the blessed event.

With my colorful accessories, I jazzed up my otherwise boring outfit.




Yes, despite the cold, I have decided to let a few little details remind me that it truly is Spring.

Have a great Monday!



10 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ spring is in the details

  1. They’re happy with the anniversary. The necklace is beautiful, I told you then, and you were going dressed very elegant and beautiful. I remember that post, it was lovely.


  2. Wow, freezing … so glad we passed that – even if it took long time this year. We had blue sky and sunshine for nearly over a months now .. even if April was very cold in the air, spring is here now .. with blossoms and fresh leafs on every bush and tree. Just cover your plants with newspaper. You are looking good .. as always. Color helps the most grey and cold day to become warm. You just … have the right attitude – if spring isn’t with you .. you bring the spring.


  3. What a gorgeous photo of you and that necklace. Never mind it – yo u are the part that is amazing to see. I’ve put aside my winter coat and brought out my spring trench and I’m now carrying a spring green purse. However, I’ve not put away the long underwear or cashmere socks! Annoying when it looks so beautiful outside, but the sea wind has a nasty bite!


  4. So sorry to hear of your cold weather. Nothing boring about a classic trench, black & white outfit (my fav) with pop of spring colors!
    Congrats to your kiddos! One year down and lifetime to go! 🙂


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