photography ~~ sunday strolling…

…with SPRING in my steps.  What a gorgeous week it has been around here–finally.  It has warmed up nicely, the sun has been out most days and everything is blooming.  Since I have complained about what a rotten Spring it has been until now, I thought I would share with your some of my photo captures from Sunday.   It started with a 7AM walk:




 A little later in the morning, I admired my tulips.  I think they are multiplying on their own.




In the afternoon we traveled to Mishawaka, Indiana to my folks (bien sur!) and to visit a Japanese garden my mom had told me about.  I have bugged her for a week to keep me posted on the bloom status.  Today was the day–we had to go!  Behold the beauty:








Isn’t it beautiful?  I would add that it was peaceful…but not so much.  There were many people hobnobbing around, enjoying the blossoms and atmosphere.  And lots of cameras clicking away.  I had to ask one couple to vacate the red bridge so I could get a good shot of it.  I asked sweetly, of course, which lead to a conversation about my town and our monthly (huge) antiques fair.  But I will leave you with two photos that well illustrate how my  mind works.  Since I was visiting a Japanese garden it was total “de rigueur” to eat California Spring Rolls for our picnic dinner:



And here is an example of how my mind, more often than not, does not work:


While snapping our usual “self-portrait”, my mom told me to look at something which is all the cue I needed to “forget” I was taking a picture.  What can I say?  I am a goof.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!



12 thoughts on “photography ~~ sunday strolling…

  1. All the pictures were outstanding but the 2 of the riverfront were award winners! We’ll need to refer back to this specific blog next January.


  2. We just came back from 3 weeks in France – spring was very late coming there as well. We had NO colour in our garden when we left and I was very pleased to see tulips had bloomed in our absence. So far, just the yellow-y-pink ones. Just spent two hours out there tidying. Your red ones are gorgeous….as is that adorable red bridge! Funny photo at the last…somehow your husbands smile seems a bit distracted as well, though I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had your expression not been hilarious. Thanks for sharing!


  3. A truly delightful walk .. thank you so much- your photos are beautiful …. and the surrounding you live in is fantastic. Could I have a Club Sandwich instead of the sushi, please. That first photo is stunning … with the reflection in the water. You are so talent … you and your camera like each other. Thanks for this beautiful walk.
    I did a walk too … yesterday evening, will be posted during the week … over the meadows down to the ocean.


  4. Beautiful photos, and I love the last one … you both look like people I would seek out as an antidote to boredom. Thanks for the tour! 🙂


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