photography ~~ from above (weekly photo challenge)

The Daily Post chose “from above” as this week’s challenge theme.  This was taken at the Art Institute of Chicago last summer.

chicago2012 068

If you are wanting to avoid boredom, head on over to the Daily Post to see more photos.

Enjoy your weekend!



20 thoughts on “photography ~~ from above (weekly photo challenge)

    • Thanks, sweetie! I might work on a better version of the photo…the color of those chairs just isn’t coming through quite right (could be my monitor). And the electric cord is bugging me.


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  2. I never saw the cord till you mentioned it. Since its white you could run it along the top of the baseboard and hold it in place by tapping tiny silver brads above the cord, them bending them down over the cord to grip it in place. It’s the sort of anal thing I do. Cords are a pain.


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  8. Bill and I both seem to go nuts about staircases (I feel better that it’s not just me!) One that’s well done has beautiful lines – and all in different ways! Great shot.


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