chic ~~ the allure of metallic

Today I am linking up with Adrienne (The Rich Life on a Budget) and Jill (Everything Just So) for their monthly edition of  “How I Wear My…”, this month embracing “metallic”.

I love wearing metallic accessories.  But through the years I have found that I am drawn to pewter metallic…not so much gold or silver.  I like a more muted metallic look, I guess.  I have owned a pewter metallic Coach bag for a few years now.  It has always comes in handy when I put together an outfit that needs a little punch…a black handbag would be too blah and a red too crazy.  Pewter does the job.


(yes, I sometimes wear sunglasses in the house.  you don’t?)

Even my summer sandals are metallic.  They go with everything.  I have a pair of Birkenstocks that are older than the hills. I could have thrown them out last summer but instead chose to have them resoled because I love them that much.  But I also bought a pair of Naot’s last year to serve as a back-up.  They are fabulous too.

"..torn between two metallic shoes...which one will I choose?..."

“..torn between two metallic shoes…which one will I choose?…”

(oh my.  someone needs a pedicure for summer.  asap.)

My new metallic love are my Anne Klein ballet flats.  I needed something that would be easy to “slip on and go”  for the Spring months…it has been way too cold for sandals yet.  Last Fall I bought my first pair of ballet flats (you can see them here) but unfortunately I can not wear them comfortably without some sort of stockings or trouser sock–neither of which go well with capris or ankle pants on warmer days.


These shoes are so comfortable with or without nylons/hosiery.  I am quickly becoming a ballet flat addict.  However, because these go with practically everything, I have no plans of  buying more shoes.  There’s no need!

Whoa…guess what?  I found another pair of Naots metallic shoes in my closet while searching for my sandals.  These are more of a gun-metal metallic and are a clog style.  I wear these more in the Fall…sometimes the Winter and Spring–think cool weather.

as brett would say, these "are cute with jeans".

as brett would say, these “are cute with jeans”.

So that’s my little metallic accessories collection.  Here to serve me well.  Are you wearing any metallic?



24 thoughts on “chic ~~ the allure of metallic

  1. Oh my! You have lots of metallic in your wardrobe. When we first decided to do metallics this month I had exactly nothing in my wardrobe that was truly metallic. But thanks to a friend and a lucky find at Goodwill, I was able to change that.
    You look great in your sunnies indoors. Thank you for participating in HIWM!
    xoxo, A


    • Well, you certainly pulled together some great looks with what you did find. And thank you for hosting! xo


  2. I do not really like the metallic style, but I like your Anne Klein ballet flats, are beautiful. I like your outfit, the blouse, skirt and vest, but I would use another of your beautiful vintage handbags. Forgive my review of today, you know that I say what I think and, normally, I really like your suggestions. Another thing: do not hide your beautiful eyes.


    • I always appreciate honesty. I have so many handbags I need to rotate them around…this one doesn’t get used too often, sad to say. And next time I will try to remember to not wear the sunnies unless I am outside. : )


  3. I love metallic to some degree – love bronze … because it’s not so bold – but I have gold too and I enjoy wearing it when I’m in that mood and when I want to get peoples eyes on me. *smile Love the ballerina’s. Regarding the the sandals – I would go for the right way … the shinny one. You always look smart and stylish … *smile


  4. I’ve never been drawn to the metallic look but I’m happy to hear that the ballet flats are comfy. I might give them a try since heels are a thing of the past for me.


    • Well, now that you have seen them in person I will be checking out your feet from time to time to see if you’ve taken the plunge into ballet flats!


    • I agree that they are the best neutral because they add a little pizzazz. Thank you for the noticing the header!


  5. I love all your metallic shoes my dear! I especially like those Anne Klein ballet flats. Thank you so much for joining us for the “How I Wear My” post my dear. And you look so glam with your sunglasses on in the house! Mama like! XO, Jill


    • Thank you! And thanks for hosting another fun “HIWM” post. I am not sure about the floral thing next month…but I think I have a handbag that might save me. : )


    • And I will bet you will find something gorgeous in both those colors for a steal while out thrifting. Let me know when you do!


  6. I’ve never been a fan of the metallic look, but your use of pewter is making me re-think…not so brash as gold or silver, but still adds a bit of sparkle. Great idea!


    • I forgot about bronze (as mentioned above by Viveka)…that is a pretty subtle metallic too. Grab your metal detector and go shopping!


    • So I am not alone in wanting to look chic inside?! There are days when I do wear them for real inside when light is bothering my eyes or head. I don’t know what I would do without polarized lenses some days.


  7. Well you know I just come here to find out how I’m SUPPOSED to be dressing. Fashion is not my thing, but maybe it should be. I believe I have a pewter purse stuffed in a closet somewhere, maybe I need to go dig that out. Perhaps there is hope for me yet … ?


    • Oh my…heavens to Betsy, don’t go by me! “Fashion” is not really my thing either…I never buy the magazines because they are too foo-foo for me. But I do follow a few fashion bloggers so that I am not completely clueless. I just swear by accessories…my clothes would be quite plain otherwise. : ) But thank you for the smiles!


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