photography ~~ future tense (weekly photo challenge)

I have no idea who this kid is but he is a cutie…and I do believe he is a future marine biologist.

Disney2009 104

Visit the Daily Post for additional “future tense” photos.

For those of you that are truly interested in my well-being I am happy to report:

I SAW MY FIRST ROBINS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fantabulous weekend folks!



31 thoughts on “photography ~~ future tense (weekly photo challenge)

    • I know! I didn’t have the camera with me when I saw the robins. I am keeping my eyes on the birdbath in backyard. Hopefully I will snag a shot soon!


  1. Happy weekend 🙂 Hope your weather is better than ours…we’re supposed to have more snow…yikes! Can’t see it anymore 😦 I am waiting for flowers and lots of green and little marine biologists 😉


    • I have been lazy about not having a camera with me lately. I always seem to miss something when I don’t take it along.


  2. I must admit your Robin comment on your previous post did baffle me somewhat. Here Robins are reknowned as being winter birds. Of course they are around all year long, but they stand out more during the winter with their lovely red breasts. I also understand that your robins aren’t as fat and cuddly as ours. Is this true?


    • They can be fat when they first get back from down south. Last year I had a little behemoth hanging out in the back yard. Today we counted six red cardinals all holed up in some brush by the garage. Missed that shot too!


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    • Yes, it could have been a great “future tense” photo too. Pretty soon we will be looking for Altamore sightings.


  4. Oh spring, and the change of seasons! I love the red hair and can imagine how amazing the fish must seem to him. Youth reminds us to be mesmerized a bit more with the world around us.


    • I wish we could tap into that sense of innocence, awe and wonder whenever we are feeling down-trodden by life. : )


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    • Aquariums are always a fun visit. I don’t mind seeing fish in an aquarium but sometimes I have a hard time seeing the bigger animals in them….like whales and sharks. I just feel they should be free to roam the seas.


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    • Thanks! And thank you for noticing the header. It didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned but close enough. It was my first time using a photo editing program on my computer and I forgot to copy the photo prior to making changes. And once the text was added and saved…well, I guess that’s it. I can’t undo anything.


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    • Shelley, TCG commented above that she has robins over in England. Are you sure you don’t have them flitting about??


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