french chic ~~ c’est la vie

OK, so I have to laugh at myself.  I don’t know what the deal is but lately I have had the need to wear french words on my person.  It started with this top from Soft Surroundings:


Then last week I was at a wedding shower and saw this sweater on my second cousin:


I fell in love (again).  So completely adorable…especially on her.  Did I mention she’s 17?  Did that stop me from asking where she found it?  Forever 21.  Hmmm… and did that stop me from buying it for my 42-year-old self?  Non!  Although there is a good chance it should have.

I have never even been in a Forever 21 store that I can recall.  Maybe I have without realizing it if I was shopping with my daughter…but I really don’t think so.  And then after reading the book “Over-dressed–The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion”, I was pretty sure I never would.  Does it count if I shop it online?  Yes, I suppose it does.  But you have to know, I am a sucker for “french-y” things.  And something about this sweater just took me back to 1987–80s fashion, French class, and yet-to-be-fulfilled dreams of some day going to France.  Such a powerful sweater.

But does it work for me?  I tried to style it as I have seen on Pinterest boards–that casual, rolled-up-jeans-with-heels look. And here is what happened:

(dark washed jeans)



(lighter washed jeans)


(rockefeller photo-bombed me again)

Not as bad as I feared it would look on me but not necessarily my best look either.  But for fun…for the ultimate casual look….for hanging around the house…for the nostalgia!—-I think it is a keeper.

Surprise, surprise!  Look what arrived the same day:


I pre-ordered this book months ago.  I almost forgot about it.  However, I knew it was one for my French Chic library.  I haven’t had a chance to really dig in to it but it looks promising–even though it reminds me a bit Ines de la Fressange’s book.  But who can’t use more “effortless chic”?  I will let you know more about it later.

Have a great one!



37 thoughts on “french chic ~~ c’est la vie

  1. This looks great! Yes, the sweater looks very good on – age doesn’t matter at all 🙂
    I prefer the dark blue jeans with the sweater, if I may say.
    Your shoes are a stunner, I LOVE them 😀 Have a lovely Sunday 🙂


  2. I’ll weigh in here but since you know how I am about fashion – take it for what it’s worth.
    I like the lighter jeans. You surprised me with the heels but I got over my shock and went right into awe. I say go for it – I dare ya.
    I think the scarf may take away from the fun of the sweater – maybe a solid instead of a print?


    • Stop it! You have more style sense than you realize. I was trying to use the scarf to “mature” the outfit. But yes, I think a navy blue solid would look nice with it.


    • Besides the French wording, I also liked the nautical look of it. I should take a clue from you…you aren’t afraid of “trendy” looks and you always wear them well.


    • Isn’t he a character? I thought I was pretty “brave” to mix pattern and texture. You manage to pull it off so I thought I could try! : )


  3. LOVE the sweater and I think you look great! I have studied French fashion, cafe-side in Paris, and I have come to the conclusion that the winning combination seems to be a sweater such as this one, a more substantial scarf wrapped around the neck, jeans and flats. And carrying a baguette. On a bicycle. C’est la vie!


    • I am taking your well, observed word for it. I can manage the more substantial scarf, flats and bicycle…not sure about the baguette. Oh wait! We do have a store that sells them downtown. You wait, Mme. Paige…I may just create a photo op just for you when the weather gets warmer. ; )


  4. Heather….I think the top looks really great on you. I think it is most flattering with the dark wash jeans…dressed up just a bit more. But, cute both ways! Your hair looks really pretty in these photos too.
    I’m going to have to take a look at that book…it looks fun!


    • Thank you, Lisa. I think you would enjoy the book. It is not my favorite for “french chic”…seems tailored more to the younger crowd…but it does have some interesting pointers and advice.


  5. I really like this jersey seems designed for you, with this phrase in French. I think it could be the image of your blog. 🙂 I like the washed jeans, clearer, but this is a matter of taste, you’re with the two very well. I would wear other shoes in this look. Much fun reading this book.


    • Not a bad idea, JMB, about creating a similar image for my blog. You have given me something to think about. I do have some flats I am going to try with this look too. Merci!


  6. It’s a lovely little sweater and it looks great on you. I think a narrower leg jean looks better with a turn up, but the dark ones are perfect colour wise. Love that you paired them with those shoes – brilliant. I think Rockefeller is too cute!!


    • Thank you, SK. I wish I had jeans that miraculously took three inches off each thigh. : ) Rockefeller is too cute for his own good.


    • Thank you, my dear. I will be changing out the scarf in the future…either wear it without or try a different type of scarf.


  7. I think it would be fun to try with black narrow legged pants and black flats. It’s very cute and I adore the way you styled it with the little scarf. Rockafeller sure likes to get in on the action!! He’s so darling.


    • Good idea, alas, I own no such item. I am not sure how I look in narrow legged pants due to all the curvy action on top. I tend to want to wear something longer over narrow pants but I will give this some more though. JJill has some Wearever pants I have been eyeing…


    • Merci. Can’t help but to think of 4 years of French class and you! Have you ever wondered what Mme. B was thinking in that last year…keeping us in a back room, unsupervised? Crazy.


    • I will try the crops when it is warmer out. If you want to see a true Audrey Hepburn-ish look with this sweater, you should see my second cousin in it. TRULY could give Audrey a run for her money.


  8. I went off wearing words after too many race (running) t-shirts. Can’t remember the last time I had the nerve to wear horizontal strips. The scarf seems to make the outfit for some reason! Good choice. Look forward to the book report! (I’m all for effortless…)


    • Yeah, the word thing on my clothes is taking me by surprise. Besides a “Gap” sweatshirt that I wear around the house, I have no other such items. Do you think this is the sign of a mid-life crisis?


  9. What ! too old !! you look fantastic & you’re certainly NOT too old to wear that outfit, my preference is with the dark jeans and the daring high heels just finishes it off, if you don’t try you’ll never know.That’s what life is all about,


    • Thank you, ma chere. Buying the sweater from a young culture crazed store didn’t help in the confidence department. I appreciate the feedback. And thank you for the info about your camera. : )


    • So funny how everyone likes different things with this outfit. Some are yes to the shoes, others would rather see flats. Some are yes to the scarf, others no. I guess it helps me to see there are many ways I can plan to wear this.


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