photography ~~ lunchtime (weekly photo challenge)

Too funny.  I was actually waiting for my “pick-up” lunch order when I read my email from the Daily Post and found out what the challenge is for the week.  And although I was starving, I took the time when I got home to stage a little  still-life, French Bistro style.


Vegetarian (zucchini, summer squash, tomato, hummus, carmelized onion, avocado, roasted red peppers, spinach) sandwich on ciabatta bread with kettle chips.  A little red wine.  Yummers!!!

Hungry?  Go check out some other great lunchtimes on the Daily Post.  Calorie free.

Have a fun weekend!



25 thoughts on “photography ~~ lunchtime (weekly photo challenge)

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    • Hope I didn’t disappoint you too much since it was my own version of a French Bistro. : ) How fortunate you are off to Paris later this year…I have been dying to go back for years!! If you want a slew of fun things to see and do (mostly on a budget) visit Adrienne recently posted a list of 15 things to do in Paris, which is great but additionally there are all sorts of ideas from readers too. Have fun!


  2. this looks truly the business .. even if I’m not much for vegetarian sandwiches – there is many fantastic ones out there … I rather have a traditional Club Sandwich … or a pastrami. Fantastic shot .. and the wine in the background.
    Life is so good – isn’t ??? *smile … same to you two – have a pleasant weekend.


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