vintage ~~ brown paper packages tied up with strings

We watched the “Sound of Music” last week.  It is one of my all time favorite movies, and yet, it had been a couple of years since I had watched it.  One of the reasons for this is that my DVD copy has something wrong with it–there is a loud vibration while in Play mode.  The “Extras” disc plays fine so that is why I keep it.  Therefore, I had to borrow the movie from the library.  So happy I did.   As soon as the music started with the “Disc Menu”, I was blubbering.  Goodness.

Julie Andrews, the kids, a love story, the music, the scenery…Christopher Plummer (sigh).  What’s not to love?? (sniff, sniff)

What’s not to love is the “real” story.  I mean, the “real” story is OK and interesting but it IS NOT the “Sound of Music” movie version.  And in this instance, I prefer the Hollywood fluff and nonsense adaptation of the Von Trapp family chronicles.  If I ever visit Salzburg (and I WILL visit Salzburg), I will gladly (and giddily!) be the ultimate cheesy tourist and visit all the locations where that movie was filmed.  It’s a dream..along with visiting Prince Edward Island to see Anne Shirley’s digs AND hopping the pond to visit Jane Austen’s England (a little Colin Firth stalking might be  is on that agenda).  I digress…

Back to my favorite movie.  I love  all the songs (except “Climb Every Mountain”–a bit tedious) and have been known to sing along, LOUDLY, while watching the movie or listening to the soundtrack in various locales (there is a non-viral video tape out there showcasing this talent with my cousin while driving through the hills of West Virginia–“The Lonely Goatherd” of course.  And not to brag, but I think we nailed it).

“My Favorite Things” is, obviously, a “favorite” song.  Every single “thing” she mentions in that song is truly” favorite thing”.  And I believe, through the course of my years, I have either seen or experienced  all the “things” mentioned in those verses except “brown paper packages tied up with strings”.  I had never received such a wonderful “thing”…until a few weeks ago:


Imagine my sheer delight, and the song that burst forth from the depths of my Maria soul, when I received this in the mail.  I think I may have swooned in my euphoria.  I swear, all packages should be sent out this way– and only in this way. For now I can say, I totally”get” why that was listed as a “favorite thing”.

Are you a “Sound of Music” fan?



20 thoughts on “vintage ~~ brown paper packages tied up with strings

  1. Yes. I do love that movie but I think I did love it a little more before I really understood the history- (which honestly was as an adult). But I still love it and have seen it a million times- with and without my kids.
    And I love this package with string. You know… it is the little things. cheers….x wendy


    • Oh, it was opened a while ago…but for the life of me I can’t remember what was in it. I was more entranced by the packaging. I am pretty sure it came from Etsy though. : )


    • The version I borrowed from the library had a sing along option…didn’t realize it until I was done. A few years ago a group of friends and I went to see the sing along version of “Mama Mia” at the cinema. Talk about fun!!


  2. Your words about brown paper packages, made me smile as I had just been to my local post office here in rural France where I live with a brown paper package tied up with string to send to my son who lives in Denmark. The lady at the counter looked at it & told me she ‘couldn’t take it as it was not wrapped correctly’ and promptly pushed a box at me to use which some how just folded in and didn’t need string or sticky tape and then asked for 27 euros ! I couldn’t believe it, apparently it didn’t conform to the French postal regulations. So how lucky you were to get a brown paper package tied up with string.


    • Total bummer!! The USPS is pretty strict about how things are packaged too…in fact I was surprised this one got to me looking like this. But I think the sender had reinforced it with tape too. BTW, I am enjoying your blog and all the snippets into French living. : )


  3. I only watched this last year. Did I like it? Of course! What I’d really love to see now, is that film of you singing! I am very intrigued by your parcel, are the contents Top Secret? I’d LOVE to visit PEI to walk in Anne’s footsteps down Lovers Lane and around the Lake of Shining Waters. I was just reading about L M Montgomery this morning and I have the 6 volumes of her diaries. I have been to Jane Austens’s house and to Bath and I know you’d love it.


    • SK! How can THIS be the first year you have ever watched it? I grew up watching this…it is on every year around the holidays in December (not sure why then because it has nothing to do with xmas). We would hightail it over to my cousin’s house so we could see it in color during the 70s. I am so happy you finally got to see it!!

      Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice (A&E/BBC version) are also yearly must sees. In fact I am about due for P&P again. I didn’t know about LM Montgomery’s diaries. What do you think of them? Yes, I am sure I would love the Bath adventure. I have visited Louisa May Alcott’s place…I will have to blog about that some day.


  4. I must be one of the odd ones .. I never clicked with the movie … or the music, don’t ask me why – maybe I was too much of an adult when I saw it the first time. There is songs that I love …
    Here is one of them –


    • Thank you for sharing that video. I have seen it before but it has been a long time. What a hoot! And, FYI, I cried during this video too.


      • My pleasure, Heather … I love some of the music, but film not .. maybe because of Julie Andrews – don’t like her .. *smile
        I’m sure she doesn’t care if I do or not. *smile


  5. Oh, yes, seen it many times and like it a lot 🙂 But I have to admit that I like the very old German version of the von Trapps with Ruth Leuwerik, too 🙂 , but I guess that’s because I like old films from the ’50ies 🙂
    Haven’t sent packages with brown string around in ages – I am more of a tape girl 🙂 I should get shares in one of the big tape-making companies 😀 Have a great day! 🙂


    • Hmmm….never knew there was another movie version. I will see if I can find it on Netflix. You fortunate thing!! You actually live in gorgeous Austria!!


  6. Great post, and yes I love the movie too. And Salzburg is on my travel list, near the top! BTW I was in PEI last September and visited Anne of Green Gables land (though I was a Nancy Drew girl myself) and there are photos on my blog somewhere. A coworker of mine has a house there for rent if you’re ever interested. I’m not sure I’ve EVER gotten a brown paper package tied up with string, but I have seen my share of kitten whiskers and warm woolen mittens. 🙂


    • Oh, oh, OH! Thank you for that valuable information. I would love to go there (and so many other places…it is overwhelming) and to possibly rent a house while there?? What a dream!


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