french chic ~~ victor hugo on my chest

I know, I know.  I said I wouldn’t buy anything new.  I said I would shop thrift and second-hand first.  Well, I didn’t lie.  I do shop thrift and second-hand first--as you know.  However!  The one item I have a hard time finding in thrift shops are tops that fit me long through the torso.  Let’s face it…I have some styling challenges.  And one thing that I feel best in are  tops that come mid-hip length or lower.  If I get cut off at the waist, proportion gets all goofy.  Now wearing a belt on a dress or tunic type top at the waist is OK but having a print/style/fabric end at the waist is not good (shudder!).

Once every few months I peruse JJill or Soft Surroundings searching for these longer tops.  And once in a while I find something that makes me swoon.  It happened with this top here.  It has happened again.  Same store, Soft Surroundings, and same French-y type of look.



Written on the shirt is a poem by Victor Hugo in French but when translated reads:

”  What the streams say to the shore

What the wind says to the old mountains,

What the stars say to the clouds,

Is one ineffable word: Love!

Love makes one think, live, and believe.

Love warms the heart,

A ray of light more than glory

And this ray is happiness!”

Victor Hugo


  I have an affinity with Victor…and not just because I have seen “Les Miserables” a bazillion times.  We were actually in his home in Paris in 2004.  One of the many glorious things we did in Paris…as all things in Paris are.   And now I get to carry his poetic words plastered across my chest close to my heart.  I wore this for the first time on Saturday to a company dinner.  I love it despite it showing off my back fat.


Back fat be @#$%*&!  Just keep that gourmet pizza and craft beer coming!  And see how lovable wearing French poetry makes me?

So while I will continue to shop “second-hand” first, Soft Surroundings is fast becoming my “go to” shop for the tops I want in my wardrobe.


PS  I am also showing off the new strap I got for my vintage Willis bag.  Silver Coach on Ebay makes these straps using the same type hardware you will find on Coach handbags.  You may just want to check them out.


22 thoughts on “french chic ~~ victor hugo on my chest

    • Thank you! Yes, I stood out in the snow for the pictures but we did it very, very quickly. I am not the most patient model/subject.


  1. For a minute I thought you’d had a tattoo done! That is a pretty top, I love the soft draping across the bust and the printed insert. Isn’t it great when you find something you love that looks fab? That’s a great pic of you and Brett.


    • Tattoo….never! I love the top. However, I just got done looking through the Soft Surroundings catalog and see that it looks totally different (read: better) on the model. Hmmmph. Obviously, the model doesn’t eat pizza and drink beer.


  2. Ah, I sometimes feel guilty over buying new, but when you can’t find what you need in the thrift shop….
    It’s a lovely shirt, Heather – the fabric and draping looks so very feminine. Here’s to pizza and beer – gosh am I missing the latter! Xo


  3. That top must have been hanging there .. waiting for you to step back in the shop again. Hard to be more French chic than this. You look stunning and that light taupe color suit you so well. And you have a very chic man to hang on your arm too. *smile You still have some serious snow around. We have ice cold and windy, but very little snow.


    • Thank you for your kind comments. As for the snow, we keep getting dumped on, then it almost melts away before another snowstorm comes and buries us again. I would rather it just come and stay all winter…until March 1st. That is when I am officially done with snow.


    • I was happy the style worked for me…I was a little hesitant but I loved the look of it so much I thought it was worth a try. And we have a keeper!


  4. VERY pretty top and you look like a model yourself in that second photo. Have you seen the newest offering in the Country Curtains magazine called “Parisian Note”? Similar idea, and I am desperately trying to figure out how to incorporate them into a Colonial New England house…


    • No, I hadn’t but I will check them out. My motto: decorate with what you love and it will all work out!
      Thank you for your kind comment. : )


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