photography ~~ snowball

It’s no secret around here that our dog LOVES the snow.  He gallops, runs and plows through it with abandon.  It is great exercise…for both of us.


(this is when we were picking him up from his foster mom…she has two acres fenced in and he loves being outside when he is there.  thankfully, he also loves seeing us when we return and coming back home.)

But as much fun as it is, it can be fraught with problems.  While a snow drift taller than oneself may seem like a fun challenge, often times the drift may win.


It is hard to walk when one is suddenly afflicted with snowball elephantitis.

Enjoy your Sunday!



22 thoughts on “photography ~~ snowball

    • These had to be melted off with warm water otherwise we would’ve have puddles everywhere. It was so funny to see him like that I had to take pictures. I such a mean “mom”. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Too Funny!!! Snowball elephantitis. He sure is the collector of snow balls. I was surprised to see him running without a leash. So cute. Thanks for sharing mom



  2. Oh my goodness! Those snowballs are so funny on his legs. My dogs rarely see snow but when they do it is time for a great romp. Finn adores it, Lucy is not so certain. Have a great Sunday.


    • Rockefeller is definitely a snow-dog. However, he doesn’t like wet or slush–at all. Funny to watch him try to skirt around those types of patches on our walks. Crazy little dog.


  3. That is hilarious, Heather. I’m laughing because a few weeks ago my little doll-face did the same. Mine always gets most messed up just after he’s been to the groomer. Rockefeller looks so gorgeous, especially with his snowy pom-pom feet.


    • Ha! This weekend Rockefeller will be at his foster mom’s again and he will get to be naughty and behave badly (outside) all he wants. But it is OK. Monday is his grooming appointment!


  4. I haven’t met a dog yet that doesn’t love snow .. and they love it with the whole body too. Rockefeller is such an adorable little dog, my heart melts every time I see him.
    One day I will have one .. of the same model, I think or a Westies.


    • I love Westies. I was always looking for them when we took our trip to Scotland…ended up with a couple cute photos of them and a souvenir Burberry scarf that has Westies on it. I hope you can have a dog one day. They are great little companions.


  5. Wow, and I thought Augie’s legs were snow-encrusted. Rocky has him beat by a mile. Maybe he could come play in the Alta-maze on Tues., late morning or early afternoon?


    • They do look like cotton balls, don’t they? It was seriously the biggest, baddest snowballs he has ever had build up on his legs while walking.


    • Warm water, kitchen sink. Almost anytime we go for a walk in this weather, it is a given that he gets thrown in the sink afterwards. Never seen an undercarriage get so nasty.


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