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I love cashmere sweaters.  But really, who doesn’t?   Through the years I have accumulated a few and I tend to favor a v-neck style cashmere sweater over other styles.   Earlier this past Fall, because I hadn’t added any new cashmere in a while, I bought (on sale) a camel colored v-neck from Lands End.  I had read good reviews from other bloggers about Lands End’s quality for their cashmere and decided to give them a go.  I have been very pleased with it — quality and color.  (you can click here to see it).

When I visit thrift stores and second-hand shops, my cashmere radar is always engaged.  I have had a hard time finding these types of sweaters lately.  I fully suspect that they are being sought out and hoarded by crafty, Pinterest addicted women who buy them up to re-purpose into hats and gloves and baby diapers.  Just my theory, mind you.  But thankfully one got missed at my local Goodwill.  HA!

While Brett and I were still “technically” sick with the flu, we decided one sunny day we really needed to get OUT. OF. THE. HOUSE.  Goodwill was the destination–close by, wouldn’t take long to shop it.  Brett found some amazing deals…a gorgeous Tommy Bahama button down and a Columbia pull-over (quite the “sexy cardi” on him ; ) ) for peanuts.  I didn’t think I was going to find anything at first.  Then I found a great navy blue St. John knit pencil skirt.  I had a feeling it probably had a matching top somewhere so I scoured the racks searching (in vain) for it.  Finally I asked a clerk, if she, by incredible chance, knew if there was a matching piece to it.  In fact, yes!, there had been but it was badly stained so it got thrown out.  C’est la vie.  By this time Brett was itching to get back home and take his flu-induced afternoon four-hour  coma nap.  I told him I had just one more area to check and I was done.  Off to the car he went to wait.

For whatever reason, I checked the tops in the Medium section…this is normally not done.  I mean, I know sizes get put back in the wrong areas all the time and that  yes, some Mediums might fit while others won’t.  Frankly, I just don’t have that kind of stamina for shopping in Goodwills (or anywhere else for that matter).  And after the futile search for the missing St. John top, I was fading fast…maybe nap time was coming for me too.  I pushed myself to finish the “Medium” rack and hanging nearly at the end was this…:


…which would probably retail for $500 plus according to a quick search on Barneys website.  Click here to see something similar.   But I of course was able to get it for the whopping Goodwill price of:


Wow.  A navy-blue and oyster/sand/light grey (not sure what to call it) striped V-neck cashmere sweater.  I wore it for the first time  on Sunday.



And don’t, for two seconds, think I didn’t have something vintage to wear with it!  Of course I did.  I had a lovely Coach Willis bag to carry and my “cutest ever” navy blue brogue pumps to wear:


My jewelry was modern… Seiko watch, Silpada silver bead bracelet, Silpada silver bead earrings and a silver, graduated bead necklace.


Hmmmm…a $500 sweater and a $400 skirt for $12.00 really isn’t too bad, is it?  That sunny day visit to Goodwill truly turned out to be the only blessing from having the flu in January.

Have you ever found a great cashmere sweater second-hand?

Hope you all have a great start to your week!



41 thoughts on “chic ~~ cashmere sweater

  1. You lucky girl! I love the sweater – the fact that it’s cashmere and cost only $6.99 is making me cry! Brilliant find, I bet you’re glad you persevered looking through that row. Definitely worth leaving your sick bed for. Those little shoes are so cute.


    • Thanks, SK…I thought it was time, and money, well spent. We were so sad though…it wiped us out. : ) And those shoes are about the most comfortable heels I own. I have another vintage pair in this same brand and I love them!


    • Thank you, JMB. I did keep it rather simple, didn’t I? Usually I have a little more going on with accessories or color. I think I need a matching scarf for this outfit. : )


    • It has been a weird run at my local Goodwill. I don’t even go that often…maybe once a month?? But I have found some great stuff there, not just clothes.


  2. Amazing sweater, Heather, quelle find! I always look for cashmere in the thrift shop too; I am a fellow addict. One of my best finds was a Theory v-neck pullover, new, with the tags still on (the retail price was similar to yours) for six bucks or so. But I tend to favor turtlenecks. Be warm!


    • Oh! That was a good find. Your petite gamine self would look great in turtlenecks…I on the other hand, do not. I can make a cowl-neck work though. You stay warm too!


  3. You are inspiring me to brave trying a different Goodwill store in my town. The only one I went into sorted the clothes by color not size and I found that overwhelming. Great outfit!


    • I am not sure how I would do with a Goodwill doing that color sorted thing. I guess if I was looking for a top in a certain color it would make it easier. I have been to thrift stores that do that too. But yes, do try other Goodwills if you haven’t found success in a local one. You just never know…


    • You know what is funny? I never go in with great expectations. There have been times when I have left a Goodwill so fast my head was spinning because the entire experience was grossing me out. But I don’t give up entirely and it has paid off.


    • Hmmmm….how many do you know? ; ) Just kidding. Yes, I have had some fortunate finds. It can be fun and it can be a nightmare.


  4. Chic and classy, as always – I never had a cashmere top, cardigan or sweater. I have a coat and I have a whole bunch of cashmere scarves. $6.99 is fantastic. You are without a doubt my lost sister. You have a pleasant and lovable week. *smile How is Rockefeller doing ????


    • I have a vintage cashmere wool coat with a fur collar that I got for a buck at a garage sale—I wear it all the time in the winter because it so warm and soft. Rockefeller is doing pretty good…he seems like he is back to his old self. When we did our mini-vacation he got to stay out at the boarders which put him around other dogs–good socialization after having his run in with the meanie dogs. Thank you for asking! You have a great week too!!


    • I am sorry that you had the flu too. My husband and I couldn’t believe how sick it made us and for how long. So happy it is behind all of us. And here is a happy thought…Spring is just 5 weeks away!!


    • Yes it does! Check online with Ebay or Etsy…also many stores this time of year are having great sales. You may just find the perfect “first” cashmere sweater.


  5. You are one lucky lady 🙂 Congratulations on those steals :-)! They’re lovely and suit you so well!
    Many years ago I found a perfect Trench coat at a second hand store, I really loved it. A friend needed a coat and asked if she could wear it, because she didn’t have the money for one…she moved away and with her my coat. I still miss it 😉
    Get well and enjoy your lovely things! xo 🙂


    • Oh my word….that is so sad about the trench coat. You have to wonder about people sometimes…was it an oversight or on purpose, you know?? Grrrr. Thank you for your comments!


      • I guess she figured because I had already given her so much and she had no money and I had a job that provided for me, she could just keep it. She had borrowed a beautiful bag from me and was really astonished when I wanted it back…it was all banged-up and I told her to keep it and was really mad. Yeah, she kind of took advantage and took everything for granted – relied on people helping her. – It’s not worth thinking about it. It still makes me angry, I notice and it’s 20-something years ago! –
        New thought: HAPPY VALENTINE’s to you! 🙂


    • Thank you, my dear. My husband applauds this kind of shopping too. I have never been in a Barneys. I think I learned of its existence back when “Friends” was on. I live a small little life. : )


    • Thanks, Shelley. I am so happy that the colors are ones that go with my wardrobe. Navy is one of my (newly added) core colors.


  6. My heart rate was quickening with every word of your story…and I just knew it was going to have a magical and happy ending! What a gorgeous cashmere sweater. You found an expensive and beautiful treasure. How fun is that!!?


    • Funny you mention the bag. We went to a Coach store yesterday to buy some leather moisturizer. I was carrying my black vintage Willis bag. I checked out the “new” styled Willis bag while there…the quality barely compares. I still love the look of the new Willis but the leather feels way different and the lining looked very cheap–so disappointing. Shop vintage, my friend. I even got my watch used on Ebay for under $30 years ago. I wear it all the time and just recently ordered another one that is very similar in style but has a pink mother of pearl face….I haven’t gotten it yet and I am hoping I will love it as much as this one (you can search for this type of Seiko in their “Le Grand Sport” series).


      • Oh I totally agree, vintage it is for things like bags and watches, the quality is WAY better. I can’t wait to see your watch though. I found this awesome German watchmaker who repairs all the vintage watches that I ‘borrow’ from my dad….


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