photography ~~ unique (weekly photo challenge)

The chosen theme for this week’s challenge is “unique”.  This is the “unique” look my dog manages to create after he rolls and flops around on his bed in a fury of energy.


Not looking overly dignified or coiffed but always cute.

For more “unique” photos head on over to the Daily Post.



22 thoughts on “photography ~~ unique (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Definitely unique and unquestionably adorable. He is so beautiful. Do people ever mistake him for a girl (due to how pretty he is!) People constantly think mine is a girl because of his cuteness. Maybe I need to dress him in a Hells Angel t-shirt or something. I’m now at the stage where he just shoots me one of those “head cocked to one side, big I love you eyes” and I’m cuddling him instead of scolding him. I am so weak. Does Rockefeller try it on with you?


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  6. He looks so much like our dog. My daughter saw Rockefeller’s picture and said, “Mama, he looks just like our Fluffy!” (Except that our Fluffy needs a bath and a haircut.) Then I scrolled back up to the previous page with the picture of you standing by the dresser, wearing the fabulous red scarf, and my daughter said, “That’s weird. The lady kind of looks like you, too!” So there you have it. Parallel lives or something like that. Enjoyed your post. Love Rockefeller, the Little Stinker Dog!


    • That is too funny but I suspected the parallel lives thing all along…you just have way more kids than I do. And the Little Stinker Doggy is driving me crazy for attention this morning as I try to catch up on blogs…but since he was almost a goner last week, I keep breaking and playing with him. : )


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