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While I was sick with the flu I got to watch some of my favorite classic movies, including “Julie & Julia”.   I adore the “Julia” part of this movie…the “Julie” part, not so much.  But I watch it to see Paris and Meryl Streep skillfully bring Ms. Child to life.  It’s a pleasant escape and great way to wile away feverish hours.

Ever since I read, “My Life in France”, I have been enthralled by the story that is Julia Child.  I love that she married  her soul mate,  (loudly) beat to her own drum and never gave up on finding herself.   What she accomplished after 40 is truly inspiring.  A few years ago I bought vintage copies of both volumes of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” simply because I love Julia.  They sat proudly on a shelf in my previous kitchen perfectly matching my kitschy cottage decor.  But I never made one recipe from either volume.  And since moving to our new house, they got stored away under a cabinet…again to never be used.  It is too sad to let these classic masterpieces go to waste.  I finally decided to let them go.  This weekend I have added them to my Etsy store.  I want someone to own these, to cherish all the work that went into them and to make the recipes.




Please click here to see the listing.

What about you?  Are you a Julia fan?  Have you cooked any of her recipes?  Did you find yourself after 40?



25 thoughts on “french ~~ julia child

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever been a Julia fan, though I do love Meryl. I’m impressed that you let these cookbooks go, given how you feel about their author. That said, I think of French cooking as very rich and having calorie laden sauces. I like simple, quick and low(er) calorie meals and so would be unlikely to use the recipes in these either. I’ve regularly ‘found’ and then ‘lost’ myself from about 30. I’m currently trying to ‘remember’ my gym bunny self and re-claim her!


  2. Love the film … never cooked anything of her … French cooking is the base for all cooking skills – but I’m not fantastically found of French food as such – I think it’s far too overrated. I like fusion where we take a little bit from there and give to something else. I think the Belgium kitchen is far better and nobody does sauces like they do.
    Don’t take me wrong I have some fantastic meals in France, but very few in Paris. Great that you have put them on for sale, instead of hiding them in a cupboard.


    • They sold super fast too! A reader who grew up watching Julia Child every Saturday bought them so I am glad they are going to someone who will cherish them. : )


  3. Yes, I have Julia’s books and have indeed cooked from them. I loved the movie as well, but I know what you mean about preferring Julia to Julie. I’ll still finding myself after 40 – finding myself lying about my age, that is! Ha!


    • Funny! Are you going to share what you have cooked??? You must be a chef extraordinaire. Just looking at her recipes would exhaust me.


  4. I liked the movie but have never cooked anything French. Love the books though … they’re attractive to look at even if you never opened them! And I too am still trying to find myself after 40 – I know there is something great out there for me, but I just haven’t found it yet…


  5. You had the flu? Hubby was down for about a week with the flu…I’ve never seen him so sick. Hope you’re well.
    I don’t cook and I’m not too familiar with Julia’s cooking or her books. Sad, I know. I haven’t even seen the movie. Again, sad, I know. 😆
    What have I discovered after 40? Sadly, nothing earthshaking. Just getting old. C’est la vie!


    • Yes, we both got our butts kicked with the flu bug. It is the sickest we have been in a long time….definitely the sickest I have ever seen my husband. I hope you don’t get it!


  6. I was practically 40 when I discovered Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Now I love (admire) them both as individuals and the relationship they had through the years. And I’m still ready to place the wendyt stamp on this life at almost 45!


    • OK, I am a little surprised that you, chef extraordinaire, have not made any of her recipes—not shocking that I had not. I always felt her recipes were very daunting…too many words to keep my attention. Maybe you could try one of her recipes and live to blog about it??? ; )


  7. I have to say that I am not fond of Julia Child’s recipes. How many people would kill me for writing this???
    She was certainly an amazing lady but after looking at some of her recipes like her famous ” boeuf bourguignon”, I found them very very complicated, not to say discouraging. My recipe is only a few lines long. it’s simple and delicious (my American friends say). Will be happy to share with you whenever you want!
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)


    • Nobody is going to kill you…I write in a “Kill Free” zone. I agree about her recipes being complicated. I am sure this is why I stayed clear from them. However, it is the woman that I find fascinating.

      As for your recipe…I would love to have it. Right now my husband and I are eating mostly vegan/ some vegetarian. But I always thought making the boeuf bourguignon would be great for having company over. Please send it to my email when you have a chance. Merci!!


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