photography ~~ embracing the snow

I may be sick but it hasn’t stopped me from being over the moon with all our recent snow accumulation.  Finally!  For those of you not familiar with the term “lake effect” snow, let me educate you:


The above photo was taken two days ago and the one below was yesterday.


This is of the back yard yesterday afternoon:


And again last night:


Coming down during the day yesterday:


Of course after a substantial amount of snow, I am dying to go get some photos of the beauty that surrounds me.  These were taken on Tuesday after I got off work:





And these are from this morning.  It was gorgeous seeing the sunlight reflecting on the snow:




I did not engage in this activity for long:



We live close enough to the Lake Michigan shoreline to make a big difference in how much snow we get versus other parts of Michigan (in the lower peninsula).  In the past 3 days we have gotten at least 12″ of snow but I really think it is more than that…maybe around 15-16″.  Since we live kind of on the edge of the snow belt, towns not even 10 or 15 miles east  from us may have received less than half of that while towns 10-20 miles west may have gotten more.  It is crazy. Crazy beautiful!



28 thoughts on “photography ~~ embracing the snow

  1. That is beautiful … you have more than we have … fantastic photo, Heather. and very cold too – congratulations .. even if I know it causes problems. The photo of the road .. is my pick. Fantastic photos, I know I’m repeating myself. *smile


    • Yes, you do know all about snow. Staying cozy is one of the best things about winter. Especially when it involves wine, book and fireplace. : )


  2. Well, Heather, it is beautiful…but I’m not so excited about it! If I didn’t have to leave the house, it would be wonderful! Your pictures are lovely…and you house is so charming.


    • Thank you, Lisa. I never think of the color of our house as yellow until it snows. I guess it is more of a cream color but against the white it really looks yellow.


    • Yes, you do know snow too. Aren’t the Great Lakes fabulous though? The quiet and peace was very pleasant when it was really coming down…loved it!


    • You don’t get snow in your neck of the woods? I am kind of surprised. Probably more rainy? At least you aren’t far from somewhere that probably does get it. Or maybe I know squat about geography.


    • No! There is no skating on Lake Michigan. Even if it does freeze, there are usually huge waves of rough ice. As for the water in my pictures, these are actually of a river and it doesn’t really freeze over too. But there are smaller, inland lakes that people take advantage of for ice fishing, snow mobiles and such. Moi? I prefer walking on sold earth. : ) Have a great weekend too!


    • What?! You don’t have them? Yes, it is like a leaf blower but as you plow through the snow it blows it up and away to clear a path. My husband loves his…we have a very long drive-way (for a city lot) and it would have taken forever to shovel out of all this snow.


      • You Brits have brawn! : ) You are getting a lot of snow too. We basically had nothing all winter until this past week. It is unbelievable. If money was no issue, I would send you a snow blower. ; )


  3. You make me feel like moving, Heather… I miss snow so much!
    Your photos are stunning. It looks like a fairy tale landscape.
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)


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