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Bonjour!  C’est moi.  I hope this post finds all of you well because this household has not been.  The flu bug got us in the jugular–I was the first to fall and a couple of days later it was Brett’s turn.  We are still far from 100% but feel much better than we did with 102F fevers.  I hadn’t had the flu in about a decade and I truly HAD NOT forgotten what an unpleasant business it is….nothing has changed.  It still sucks.  Nice mood, eh?   Time to focus on the positive and share something pretty.

I have had a thing for amber since we visited the Dominican Republic in 2010.  I am completely drawn to the warm, golden brown color like a bee to honey.  I bought a pair of  amber earrings while in the DR and, for a while, they were my only amber pieces.  Since then I have picked up a couple of vintage faux amber necklaces.  I was having a grand old-time wearing my amber with just about everything–which can be done–until my earrings broke.  Earrings are a jewelry item that I wear every single day so I need to have a pair of amber studs.  I started shopping  Etsy until I found these:


(via Etsy–click here for the store)

Immediate lust AND love.  I had them in my “favorites” a couple of weeks (see, no reckless shopping from this girl!) before I finally bought them.

Technically amber isn’t one of my “colors”.  As you know from my post (reblog) yesterday,  knowing/wearing my colors is important.  Although I can’t wear amber as a core color, I know I can wear it as an accessory.  So here is an example of how I pull it together (if you want to call it that):


Voila!  Amber studs, amber/cognac bag, cognac boots (can’t tell in picture but they are).   While we are on the topic of wearing one’s colors, beige ( my sweater) really isn’t my color either (although “rose beige” is) which is why I am wearing a scarf with “my” colors in it, closest to my face, so it can all work.   This is important stuff.


It is interesting to note that amber DOES match my freckles and age spots…so there you go.

Not long ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Janice from the Vivienne Files, ran a great series on how to accessorize a common wardrobe with different colors/themes in mind.  Here was my favorite:






Isn’t she amazing?  I have these printed off and hanging in my closet with a couple of others that she did.  It is a great illustrative way to see how far the color amber can go as an accessory.

What about you?  Have you embraced the beauty of amber?



35 thoughts on “chic ~~ amber roses

  1. One of my favourite outfits on you EVER, Heather! Love everything you’re wearing. Glad you managed to find such cute earrings. I have an amber necklace, with very small little beads. You look lovely, especially considering you’re just getting over flu! Janice is a whizz at putting outfits together.


    • I took those pictures a few weeks ago…BF (before flu)…when I was going out to do some errands. I was really trying for the extreme no make-up look too. Actually I was going to post about the “no make-up” look (after reading some French blurb about it in the “Joie de Vivre” book) when I took these but the close-up photos of my no make-up face were too ghastly. It was smart to change the post to amber roses instead. But thanks!


    • These are terrific on you!! I love the scarf pulling things all together with your complexion.
      I don’t have amber anything…except the ages spots. Sorry the beast (flu) hit your home too. It’s nearly brought us all to our knees. Hope you recover fully, soon.


      • Sorry you had it too…I don’t think the flu is passing anyone over this year. And from what I hear from anyone who has had it, I had better plan on 3 weeks before I truly feel back to normal. Great! I wasn’t feeling “normal” before. I think I’ve got a problem. : )


  2. I hope you are better from the flu and’re more active on the blog. These are lovely amber earrings. I like your comment that combine well with your freckles and your stains, it’s fun to see it this way. I love your scarf and your colors and the bag you carry in your picture.


    • Thank you, Josep-Maria, we are slowly getting better. As far as getting more active on the blog….no promises. I am struggling with whether or not I want to continue blogging. It may be just a winter blahs thing so I am not making any rash decisions. I am being a very casual blogger for the time being. Time will tell.


  3. Amber or cognac, as I would call .. suits you perfectly – goes with grey, blue, white .. red.
    Woman, you always look chic … said that before to you. I like cognac too – but have it in bag and shoes, bought a pair of trouser and a jumper last year in the shade too. Have to check Janice out. Look good, Heather.


    • Beware, Ms. Viv, Janice is highly addicting but oh so fun to read and learn from. I agree about how much I can pair cognac with…I am so glad to have added this color to my wardrobe. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your smiles!


    • Thanks, Juhli…every day is getting better. We blew the coop today and went to a store just for a change of scenery…it felt both good and tiring.

      I am not sure I know what you are asking in regards to the handbag (?). Do you mean is the style still available from Coach? Because it is (@ Or of course there is always the vintage way of finding one too. Or are you referring to something else??


    • Isn’t it glorious? Take a peek over to the Vivienne Files if you want to see even more gorgeous picks. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Get well quickly, dear Heather! We’ve had the flu, too, Terrible. – Your rose-shaped studs are very pretty. My grandmother gave me a silver and amber bracelet about 25 years ago, it is amazing. After seeing this, I think I should dig it out and wear it again 🙂 Take care! 🙂


    • I would love to see a photo of that bracelet and by all means, dig that beauty out and wear it. Do you realize how pretty amber would be with LV pieces? ; ) You take care and stay well too!


    • Thanks, Lisa. I think I could fix them with a little glue. Once it happened, I realized how cheaply made they just might be even though I bought them in a really nice store. I will have to try fix them…I really did like them.


  5. Those earrings are soooo cute! It’s funny because being Polish I grew up with tons of amber jewelry (actually you’d have a blast at my house, I have way too many pieces) and I used to hate it. Now though, I have to say I’m warming up to it again and just recently bought myself a great ring! Glad you are feeling better!


    • That is funny that you were around it so much but didn’t care for it. How fun for you to have so many pieces to play with and enjoy! Our little small town jeweler has a nice selection of amber…I have hinted about this to my hubby. : )


    • Thank you, Karen. Are you surviving the winter? We have had so much snow over the last couple of days…was kind of wondering if it was heading your way too.


      • We have gotten about 14″ (more to come tomorrow). It is gorgeous today….bright and sunny. I was out in the -7F morning chill to run around taking photos. But I was too late to catch the pink snow that happens when the sun first starts to peek. Too cold to snow? Wow.


  6. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill. It sounds as though you had a particularly nasty bug. Those amber roses are beautiful. I was re-reading 10 Steps to Fashion Freedom earlier this month and they mention that amber was very popular amongst older women in Victorian times. It was supposed to be flattering, but like you I would find this colour difficult to wear. Imogen over at Inside Out Style talks about having bags, belts and shoes in a colour to match one’s hair. I’ve yet to decide how to go about that, being currently ash brownish with blonder streaks. It makes the grey roots much easier to hide, but taupe leather is difficult to find. I’ve been in a quandary about this. I’m tempted to look for something old fashioned in amber all the same, those roses are just delicious!


    • Matching accessories to hair color….interesting. I had not heard of doing this before and I can see how it may be challenging. ; ) You know who made a lot of taupe leather? Etienne Aigner. I see that color often on Etsy especially with his handbags. Vintage to the rescue again!


  7. I hope you are feeling a little better now, poor Heather …
    Your amber studs are adorable and I like the scarf you picked to go with it. Lovely !
    One thing is missing though on your list ………….It is ………… a glass of……..COGNAC: The color you love, very French and helpful when you are sick ! LOL!
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)


    • You are so right! Cognac would’ve been lovely last night in particular—the snow was falling non-stop and it may have been the first night I could have tolerated a little warm amber liquid to warm me up. I love how you (French) think!! : )


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