chic ~~ color me beautiful (reblog)

I loved this post because I couldn’t agree more! Know thy colors and you shall be chic. : )

Black Panty Salvation

I knew traveling to Africa would change my life but I did not expect it to change the way I dressed.

In 2003 I led a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Tanzania with MELISSA, my friend whose name deserves to be in all-caps because of this and this and a lot of other unprintable stuff that I will take to my grave honesttogod.  On this trip we met Karen, a fellow volunteer and all around lovely young lady from the UK.  Karen was Asian, had freckles and always looked fresh as a daisy while slinging mortar and stacking cinder blocks.  Her secret?  She had her colors done and it changed her life.  Not only did her clothes and make-up always compliment her appearance, she told us how she saved both time and money every time she went shopping.  Sold!  A mere week after our return home, Melissa booked us…

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3 thoughts on “chic ~~ color me beautiful (reblog)

  1. Interesting! I have never had this done, because I usually wear dark colours (ie black!) regardless. I have very fair skin/blue eyes and blonde fur, so I should probably be tripping the light fantastic in other colours. I should experiment at least, before people think I’m from some very strict religious order and married to God.


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