vintage chic ~~ travel handbag

Have you ever tried shopping for the “perfect” travel handbag?  I have…many times.  I have currently settled on a Baggallini brand bag to suit my needs.  As much as I like it, I am still always keeping my eye out for yet another “perfect” one.  But I know I am not going to find it because it has already been done.  Decades ago.

Two vintage brands (that I know of), Coblentz and Koret, made the chic-est  travel handbags.  I own a Coblentz version.  Simple lines and thoughtful styling create a timeless bag.


An attached wallet made access to travel documents easy and secure:


Plus inside a plethora of pockets and secret places to store other necessary items:


I can see many a lovely traveler carrying such an elegant bag as she boarded a Pan Am flight to visit Paris for her first time.

Should I use this in my own travels?  Probably.  The only thing it lacks is a cross-body strap which is important to me.  Maybe I should take some time to figure out how to add one to this “perfect” travel bag.  Suggestions?



33 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ travel handbag

    • Total sense. I actually have a strap that works perfectly for what you are saying but it is only long enough to make it a shoulder bag–but that’s something!


  1. That is a fab purse; I love the compartments. But I agree: vintage purses aren’t always the best for contemporary needs. 😦 I love a big bag into which I can throw my entire life, also with a shoulder strap, and I find that very often, vintage bags are the exact opposite, sigh. I buy them anyway, but more often than not they hang out with the others in my closet instead of being used.

    Is your header new or am I just noticing it for the first time? Il est tres jolie!

    Have a very happy holidays, Heather! xo


  2. You are right, that bag has some amazing features, but without the carrying strap you want (and I would agree that a hands-free option is needed) it isn’t quite “perfect”. I don’t suppose you would like to try sewing a bag with all the features you want? Are there places that will make one to order, sort of like Levis jeans?


    • I have thought long and hard about sewing/creating the perfect travel bag. I need to start practicing more on my sewing machine. I never thought about finding a “make to order” place. Good idea!


  3. Heather, this I like very much …. great handbag and beautiful. My post about my ebay bag will happen soon.
    Have been looking for a bread box like yours .. have found a couple on Ebay – but the price is too high and postage even worst. I would love to have one. What I would do is to buy a cheap secondhand black handbag (messenger bag) that has a removable strap, because there is loops to connect the strap in your bag.


    • The next time I find a bread box, I will buy it for you and we will work out the shipping details. I have found boxes like this a couple of times in thrift shops so one never knows!


  4. If you can find a custom leather worker you could get a strap made to match. My cousin-in-law made a new belt for an antique buckle I had and it came out great. Think about who sells leather goods at craft shows in your area and start inquiring if you want to try this route.


    • You blogged about that at one time, didn’t you? Very good ideas. I also remembered a seller on Ebay who make straps of varying lengths that I could try too. I bought a shorter shoulder strap from them when I got my vintage Coach Willis bag (the British Tan one). I thought about the seller after I posted this.


  5. I don’t have anything to say about the bag besides the “class” factor – however I had to tell you how thrilled I am to see the comments at the bottom now. All is right in “my” world now.


    • As long as all is right in your world then I am sure my world will keep on keepin’ on too. ; ) I think I like this new theme better–and obviously it must be reader/user friendly. Thanks for not giving up on me. 😉


    • Thank you, ma chere. I took that photo a couple of years ago and it took forever to find it in my archives. I spent most of Sunday going through all my picture files…deleting and moving to an external hard drive. Exhausting. But it allowed me to come up with a new look on the blog. A new look for the upcoming year, I guess. : )


    • Noted! Thank you. Your dog pictures on your blog have been cracking me up. I told Brett the other day I want to get fur gel and a black studded collar for Rockefeller. We nearly fell over laughing at the thought of it.


    • I know. Isn’t she so pretty!? I did find a strap I can attach to make it a shoulder bag so I am pretty pleased about that. I might be dragging her out for some fun now. : )


  6. Dear Heather, I like your new “header” very much! Looks very french chic 🙂
    Your vintage bag is a real beauty. I like bags with the more compartments, the better – if I don’t forget what I put where… hahaha 😀 – Strap ideas have all been presented IMO 🙂 Happy Holidays xo 🙂


  7. Love your new header. You are an expert on handbags, Heather. I am obsessed with the thought of losing travel documents and always have to have them within paw’s reach at ALL times! That little bag with all its compartments really appeals to me, it’s lovely. I would take it to someone who specialises in leather repairs and they could fashion you a matching long strap so that you could wear it cross-body style.


    • Finally! I have reached the designation of “expert” in something. If you really do like this style, check listings on Etsy and Ebay. Koret and Coblentz are the brands I see most often with this style of bag. I do have an idea brewing for a cross-body solution. : )


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