photography ~~ delicate (weekly photo challenge)


Life is delicate as we are again tragically reminded on this horrific day marking yet another mass shooting.   Another school.  Another lunatic.  And masses of individuals forever impacted, forever changed by a senseless act of violence.  My photo this week is of my gorgeous lily that grew in a patch of earth this past summer… so delicate that light could filter through its soft petals but still strong enough to weather a recent storm and to keep standing, keep living.  This little flower was allowed to live out its entire life–smiling in the sun, singing in the rain, dancing in the wind.  This flower is for the adults, and especially the children, who died today…who were not allowed to live.


Smile.  Laugh. Sing.  Dance. Hug.  Be thankful, always, for who and what you have.

Because life is so very delicate.



10 thoughts on “photography ~~ delicate (weekly photo challenge)

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I’m feeling so hearbroken for these families, so many small children stolen from the world too soon, it’s just not fair. Hugging my daughter a little tighter today…


  2. It is truly awful and seems so shocking as guns are so alien to us. Most people here have never even seen a gun, other than on TV or in films. So sad that people can do this to other innocent people.
    Your lily is beautiful and your sentiment very thoughtful.


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