vintage chic ~~ date night with frank

No.  I do not have a new boyfriend…I am sticking with the old no matter what.  Brett and I had a date night the other evening on which we saw “My Way — A  Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra” presented by the Farmers Alley Theatre (my favorite local venue).  The evening was set up cabaret style so we were served dessert and coffee.  But it was difficult to not want a martini in memory of Frank.  In the end, I opted for a glass of wine because I was so cold in the theater and in desperate need of some warming.


Four talented actors serenaded us through the decades with Frank’s music.   Frank Sinatra was a very interesting man/singer/actor/philanthropist.  Yes, he was known for his boozing, crooning, womanizing but he also helped raise $1 billion for charities during his lifetime.  Obviously he had a generous spirit and major talent.

I absolutely adore the old standards.  I listen to them practically every day…not just sung by him but also by modern talent such as Michael Buble and Rod Stewart.  When I have a bunch of housework to do,  I load up my stereo player with various CDs and crank it.  Even at work we will listen to the Michael Buble (or Harry Connick Jr) station on Pandora.  I never tire of these classic songs.  So attending this event was a must on my to-do list.

I kept my outfit simple for the evening.  This theater is small and intimate lending to a more casual environment.


And you know me and accessories; scarf, bracelet, bag.   This is my vintage Koret quilted handbag.  She comes along to the theater often:


I tried to step out of my comfort zone and used some blues/greens on my lids to compliment the sweater.  I hadn’t done that since Belle Fille’s wedding, I believe.


Speaking of Belle Fille, I have one, sometimes two, grey hairs that sprout right off the top of my head–you can see it in this picture.  I call it (affectionately) my Belle Fille grey hair.  When there are two, the other one gets dubbed “The Kiddo” after my son-in-law.  That way I always have them with me.

And here is my date:


We don’t even want to know all the names of his grey hairs…where there is hair.

Notice how we both managed to have wrinkles in our sweaters?  Perfect match.

Next month we have another date night planned for the theater.  We will be seeing the 25th Anniversary Presentation of “Les Miserables”.  I can. not. wait.  Ironically, I just saw a preview for the movie version the other day (yes, I cried through the trailer).  We can’t decide if we should see the movie first or wait until after seeing the musical again.  Thoughts?



38 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ date night with frank

    • I hate it when I cry in movie trailers. Years ago, when I was in the throes of being a stepmother, we were at a movie with friends when they played the trailer to “Stepmom” (with Julia Roberts). Of course, every poignant, heart wrenching scene they could show on the trailer they did. I was uncontrollably sobbing. SOOOO embarrassing.

      Thank you for your comments!


  1. Love the photo of you – so good .. and once again I have to say that you’re a such a beautiful woman and that blue color is perfect on you. Your date is pretty hot too. *smile I would have loved to see that musical too. Big Fan of Frankie. “Les Miserables” is a great show, but not one of my favorite – too long and havey. Saw it in London about 18 years ago and it’s still going strong there God knows how long. Sure the movie will be stunning – have to see when released online.


    • Oh stop it!! You do know I only post the most flattering shots that I take. I could shut down Picasa with all the bad photos. : )

      I have seen “Les Mis” about three times but it has been maybe 15 years since the last time. I am ready for it again. And I am excited about the changes they have made to the sets and so forth. I can’t believe it is 25 years old already. Brett is already talking about seeing the movie so I am thinking it is going to happen before the play.


    • Thank you, TCG, you are always so kind. I wasn’t sure about this shade of green when I found the sweater but really liked it once I put it on.


  2. My father was a big “Frank” fan and my trio used to sing “New York, New York.” I’m glad you enjoyed the evening.
    Why is it that men can lose all their hair and still look handsome? No fair.


    • Have you and Pete ever gone to Farmer’s? I think you would really like it…especially if it is a musical number. Fun, fun place!

      Yeah. It’s not fair how that works.


  3. A beautiful post Heather. I imagine the beautiful songs that you listen. I love the shape of your sweater and the scarf stamping. Your first plane is beautiful, you’re gorgeous, even with the gray. :). Your partner has a beautiful woman at his side, you can be happy.


    • I am going to copy your comment and give it to my husband. Once again, my friend, you words are too, too kind. But thank you!


  4. Don’t forget Kennedy connections and mafia ties with Frank! lol

    Lucky you getting to go to Les Miserables – I would LOVE to see it! I really enjoyed the 1998 movie too. The new movie should be very good.

    I like the blues and greens with your colouring and the purse is fab too.


    • He was a troubled soul, wasn’t he? I guess he was bi-polar too.

      You should look out for this production coming around your neck of the woods sometime. Or maybe, if it is still playing there, it would be a good reason to visit NYC again!


  5. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. You look so pretty (as you always do) and your date very handsome! The colors you used on your eyelids – beautifully done! And…what gray hair?! I don’t see any! 😉 When I first started graying (many moons ago), I used my mascara to cover the gray. Worked great in a pinch. Now…it would take several bottles and swipes to cover this almost fully gray head of mine.

    I took a picture of what I wore just for you and warn you…it’s a cheesy one! 😉 I’m not very good at self portraits. Maybe it is the mirror?! 😉

    Again, love this post!



    • A friend of mine who does make-up recommended these colors to me when my daughter got married. One of the wedding colors was aqua/turquoise so that is how I wore it with my dress (besides my necklace and handbag). And yes, I really do have the two grey hairs. I try to just pull them out when I notice them but of course they seem to grow faster than any other hair on my head. I will remember the mascara tip! I love your look with your natural grey.


  6. HA! Why would you bother with a new boyfriend as your current one is hadsome? And with your beautiful scarf – which matches so well your gorgeous eyes – your “date” will fall (again) for you. It’s always good to have our beloved fall again and again 😉
    Have both a Merry Christmas!
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)


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