vintage and chic ~~ accomplishments

I have been a busy little bee without really intending to be.  One of the biggest things I accomplished over the past couple of days is whittling away my wardrobe.  I am back down to about 30 items hanging in my closet.  I didn’t purge my other items as in a  “haul to Goodwill”.  I simply took them upstairs to another closet to see if they will be missed.  And a few items still remaining that may not be around long because I know, I really know, that I don’t wear them.  But I was afraid to “let go”.  I seem to roll better when my wardrobe is pared down–getting dressed is a breeze.

I also spent quite a bit of time adding things to my Etsy store.  As promised, the Missoni dress and the Charles Jourdan skirt have been listed.  Please don’t have a stroke when you see my prices.  I don’t typically deal with high-end items but after doing my research on both pieces, I felt these were fair.  Plus, individuals are always welcomed to offer or negotiate.  We shall see.  Oh, a funny anecdote about that Charles Jourdan.  Yes, I did try it on.  Let’s just say, if I could have added some ties, it would have made a really fancy apron.  So, come to find out, a French 44 from the 1970s is different from a 44 (which technically would’ve been an  US14 and too big) today….just like an US 12 today is different from a 12 thirty years ago.  I did not know this.   After taking measurements on the skirt, it is sized more like an US 6 today.  Will I ever be a 6?  Doubtful.  So into the Etsy shop it went.  Au revoir my lovelies:


In more affordable fare, I also added:







You know, seeing these Dr. Sholls really made me nostalgic for the 1970s.  The Vermont Country Store carries them and I am seriously considering getting a pair for next summer.  Especially if they really do help to shape the legs.  Any testimonies out there?

If you see anything that tickles your fancy, check out my store!

Hope everyone survived Monday.  I had a nice lunch with some friends that ended at Barnes and Noble and another vegan cookbook purchase–this time it is European food!  Now Brett and I are off to the movies.  Two for one at the Regent so we will be spending a whopping $4.00 to see “Skyfall”.


P.S.  Evidently, according to the WP spell/grammar check, I used the “passive voice” like 100 bazillion times in this particular post.  Sorry about that.


8 thoughts on “vintage and chic ~~ accomplishments

  1. Well done… I’m up for a new year’s purge. I only want clothes, objects and kitchen tools that have value and reason to exist in my home. Just say no to crap and clutter!
    It’s sooooooo hard though!


  2. Every time I chuck out a piece of clothing, it’s the only thing I want back in my wardrobe. Or I get an invite to the only place I could possibly have worn it. So annoying! Good luck with selling your new items, I hope they find happy homes. What did you make of Skyfall ? I didn’t like it, but you get to see it for an amazing $4!


  3. I, for one, am thankful for vanity sizing!!! lol The Dr. Scholls bring back memories, as well. I had a navy blue pair back in the day. 🙂 And I’m curious what you thought of “Skyfall” too. 🙂


  4. I used to wear Dr.Scholl’s when I worked in a fancy schmansy department store “back in the day.” The main floor (where I worked in the cosmetic dept.; I was the “Yardley girl”) was terrazzo and hard on the feet/legs so I went with the Doctor. I liked them a lot except sometimes when I was walking one would fly off my foot just a bit which resulted in me coming down onto the heel with MY ARCH! Ouch.


    • I would like to know more about this time in your life. I am surprised you were allowed to wear Dr. Sholls sandals at a fancy store. No nylons required?? Tell more…


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