chic ~~ fashion dog

So the other day I was trying to take some photos of an outfit I pulled together.  I was going to call it “primary colors”.  Instead my dog stole the bedroom studio stage.  Watch:

He snuck in without me noticing:

The middle pictures are blurry because I was laughing.  He just made it his business to be there…as though he was the fashion accessory I forgot to add.  Now it’s time for his close-up:

I hope you enjoyed the laughs!



30 thoughts on “chic ~~ fashion dog

  1. Heather, he is just the most adorable little bundle – his antics remind me so much of my own little rascal! I love the way he looks up at you so adoringly. He landed on his fluffy paws the day he walked into your life – and so did you! Gorgeous.


    • He is such a sweetie. He watches me… a lot. I was reading about the Havanese breed the other day and they love the company of their owners. Sometimes to the extent that they become “velcro dogs”—even following the owner into the bathroom. Check. He does that.


    • Yes, he is getting much better. His energy is back in full swing. This week is another vet visit so hopefully we will get a good report.


    • Technically, this is not the right green for me but I still liked it. I look better in greens with a blue undertone not yellow. C’est la vie! Clara, I think there is a green for everyone.


  2. Those pictures remind me that soon we will attempt the second annual family pic for the holidays. Last year’s was semi-disastrous. The best we could get with the squirming Mr.Augie was one that made my butt look like the size of Dallas.
    Oh, yeah, nice outfit. Casual yet chic. I believe that’s what you were going for.


    • Mom, you thought I was beautiful when I had huge, blue plastic framed tinted glasses and a face-bow jetting out of my mouth to hunker down the bucked teeth….so I take your compliments with a grain of salt because, in deed, at one time, I was the face “only a mother could love”. : )


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