photography ~~ thankful (weekly photo challenge)

I am thankful for what $1 can buy.

Have a great Sunday.  Take a nap.  Read while you get the laundry done.  Walk.



16 thoughts on “photography ~~ thankful (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Lovely flowers. Are you saying they cost only $1? No nap or laundry for mom today. Very busy day and evening. Have a wonderful day! love mom


    • You are always so complimentary about my home…thank you. I like it too and I try very hard to keep it looking cute. I always give the credit (of how cute this house is) to the previous owners. They put a lot of time and money into it. So I feel it is my responsibility to keep their “dream” alive and kicking. : )


  2. Oh my goodness. You deserved the 8 hour nap and your tired little self must have needed it. Good for you! How long will you have to be on nights??? I did care giving a couple of times on a night shift—not fun.


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