photography ~~ inspiration (special photo challenge)

WordPress surprised me today.  I was getting all set to write a mid-week post and once I opened up WordPress, I found myself staring at a mid-week photo challenge.

What in the world???

Evidently, WordPress thought it would be fun for bloggers to post a photo(s) of oneself that represents why she blogs–why she is inspired to do so.  Game on.

I blog because I love to write.  But I haven’t any photos of me writing.

I blog because I love all things vintage.  So here I am at one of the happiest days ever, decked out in vintage:  vintage dress, vintage jewelry, vintage husband, vintage daughter (remember, according to Etsy 20 years plus equals vintage) and my brand spanking new son-in-law:

(vintage handbag not pictured)

I blog because I love all things French:

 Me in Paris.  ‘Nuff said.

I blog because I love all things chic.  Chic comes in many forms and aesthetics in my world.  Whether it is in the form of something to wear, something to see, something to do or experience.  For example, to me, this is chic:

(sadly, not my boat…but it was my beer)

and so is this:

(exotic location)

(on a carousel)

And this:

(at the local beach)

All of the above pictures involve me being somewhere wonderful but more importantly, being with those I love.

Chic is also about trying to look my best by incorporating something vintage with what I wear and by trying to keep my wardrobe small(ish) and efficient:

And chic is ALWAYS about the vintage handbag:

All the above are just samples of why I started my blog “Vintage French Chic”.  These are the people, the things, the experiences that make me tick.  And write.



33 thoughts on “photography ~~ inspiration (special photo challenge)

    • LOL! When I was looking through old photos I saw a few of those JCP shots. I think I need a mocha latte valium vodka, please. What a nut. Thank you for the compliment on the wedding. It was such a emosewa day.; )


  1. I enjoyed this post, Heather. I enjoyed all of the elements you incorporated; vintage, french, chic. I enjoyed all of your outfits, that gorgeous cognac bag and especially the wedding picture for so many reasons. The dress in that picture, by the way is divine.


    • Thank you, Lisa. That dress was a true gem to find. Sometimes when I write a post I feel like I am aimlessly prattling on. So it is encouraging to here positive feedback. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Great post, thanks for sharing so much of yourself. Hope you see you pop up somewhere else on WordPress! (and I love the hubby pic on the carousel … he obviously is a keeper!)


    • OK, so I am a dunce. I had no idea what you were talking about seeing me “pop up somewhere else on WordPress”. So I went back to the challenge and read it more carefully. Oh. We shall see…however, I doubt it. But I will always be right here. : )


  3. A great summary of your photos, all always chic and elegant. All outfits are very nice, but the dress of the wedding day of your daughter is fantastic. I love these photos you can see your camera, are fun and nice. But, as you say, the most important thing is that you seem happy with your people. Congratulations.


    • I loved my dress for the wedding and was so happy I had found it. I need to think of some future events where I can wear it again. And yes, Josep Maria, being happy with the ones you love is the best!


    • Thank you for stopping in! I will take a jaunt over to your blog and see your space. And no, you can’t beat all things French chic!


    • LOL et OUI! Beer is not only chic but an art form a chez moi. We have some amazing micro-breweries in our area so sampling different brews is a favorite past time.


    • Thank you, Karen! I hope I didn’t come across the wrong way in my last comment on your blog. All in good laughs…I hope you know that. : )


    • Kim, thanks for “discovering” my blog. All my photos in France were taken on film (there are CD discs somewhere of the trip but I can’t find them) so I had to take a digital photo of some photos. It was a great trip–one I am ever ready to repeat!


    • Jennifer, merci! I love your questions. I will think about participating. I have “won” three other awards lately so I am getting a bit overwhelmed and I am thinking of lumping them together into one “acceptance” post. But thank you again!


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