vintage ~~ new to us boudoir furniture

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the happy privilege of moving my parents into their new home in Indiana…a move that places them about ten hours closer to us.  Yay!  Although I will greatly miss the annual visits to the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, I think it is pretty groove that we can get together so easily now.  In fact, I am hoping to go see them this weekend, health permitting now that I am weathering a cold (a weirdo cold that can’t seem to make up its mind whether to fully explode out of my head or gracefully recede and admit defeat to my arduous regimen of  liquids, namely Hot Green Cinnamon tea (Harney and Sons) with honey by the gallons and excessive loads of Vitamin C).  I digress…

So, yes, the parental units moved back and we were there to help.  They needed to buy “new” furniture for their living room and I strongly encouraged mom to give second-hand and antique stores a go before buying something new, which in my world means sub-par at best.  I need character and history.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they do… but they do.  And thank goodness they have me for those reminders.   While I was down there, mom and I tried to find where the “cool” shops were but because we were both foreigners in the land, our efforts did not produce results.  After I returned home, I started emailing her links on Craigslist and I searched online for  antique/vintage stores in her neck of the woods.  She also had her sister helping her out and through her, mom was able to snag a fabulous deal on some furniture in a store called “Lucky You” in Elkhart, Indiana.  Mom was so excited about her find that she insisted I check out this store too–somehow knowing that  I “would just love it”.

As it turned out, we made arrangements to meet my parents at “Lucky You” on the day of their delivery.  We thought maybe we could assist in loading or even hauling something if needed.  We arrived to the store before mom and dad so before we knew it, Brett and I had split up, each left to his own devices in rambling through this huge store.  The selection was both immense and impressive.  I hadn’t ventured too far before I found what I assumed was mom’s set waiting for her.  Very lovely.  Soon after, I realized mom and dad had arrived.  We were gabbing a bit and talking to the owner about delivery (which did not happen that day due to a broken down delivery truck) when Brett finally reappeared.  I wondered where he had been for so long but didn’t ask.

OK, so we get over the initial disappointment that the delivery probably wasn’t going to happen and decide to enjoy the day anyway.  I started looking around the store again, taking more time and drinking in details.  As I was coming through a doorway, I looked to my right and stopped in my tracks.  There was the most beautiful bedroom set I had seen in a long time.  I have really had a thing for Art Deco lately and so I was drawn to these works of art.  The details, inlays and lines of these pieces spoke to my vintage soul.  I went off to find Brett so I could show him.  When I brought him around and said, “Look, can you believe how pretty these are?”  He said, “Yeah, I was looking at them earlier” (when he had disappeared).  Closely, we examined the wood, the workmanship, the inlays, how the drawers pulled on their tracks, etc.  Overall, we were impressed.  There was a price tag on the one dresser but not the other so I went to ask the owner what she was asking for the set.  That was the price for the set…the two dressers, the mirror AND the bed we didn’t even see behind the dresser (all disassembled).  It was a very fair, good price.  But here is the deal…a slightly big deal…we weren’t shopping for any different bedroom furniture.  I was content with what I had because I have had it forever and my parents had it before me and it reminded me of my charmed childhood.

(pardon the toes, but this photo was taken during a boudoir sulk over the summer)

 And yet, we were both “struck” by this set and we have never picked out bedroom furniture for “us”.  So…..we got it.  Are we a couple of spineless saps or what?  But seriously…it is beautiful and the price was so worth it.  The bed is a full size so we knew we wouldn’t use it.  We asked if the owner would break up the set, she wouldn’t.  However, she gave us the great idea of cutting down the bed rails and making a bench out of it.  So that is the plan.

Here it is all set up in the bedroom:

(the bottom drawer on the taller dresser is cedar lined with a lid–great for sweaters)

A closer look at the details:

Was I sad to see my old set go?  Not as much as I thought I would be but there is a reason for that.  I decided to keep the vanity–sort of.  We still needed nightstands so I suggested we saw the vanity (zip, zip!) and create two nightstands.  So a part of it is staying with me!!  See:

My goal is to refinish them in a darker color and change the hardware to compliment the other pieces.  What a rush.

Oh my goodness.  No doubt (!) you want to see my parents’ furniture too (yes, I got permission).  I mean, really, they started this whole adventure:

The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?



32 thoughts on “vintage ~~ new to us boudoir furniture

    • I really don’t have much experience in refinishing furniture…in fact I have never done it. But I am looking into doing the nightstands in some sort of chalk paint finish.

      Why are you selling your desk??? Wish I could see it. (hint) I love desks. It is one of my dreams to open a used book shop that sells antique desks as well. ; )


      • That sounds amazing, I love book stores. I’m probably moving and it has just been sitting in storage…. it needs a better life. Hint taken I will either post it, or email you a pic. Hey if you can get it from Vancouver to you it’s yours!


  1. Heather,
    Your new bedroom set is really lovely. You are so brave to on the projects that you are taking on…I don’t know that I could do that.
    I’m going to have to check out the ‘Lucky You’ shop in Elkhart….I only live about an hour or so slightly northwest of there!


    • Lisa, you are not far from there at all. Yes, it is worth a visit. She doesn’t have a website but her street address is Jackson Blvd., Elkhart. Let me know if you end up there sometime. : )


      • I will definitely let you know. Maybe you can fill me in on the other kinds of things she has in her shop via email? I love perusing those kinds of places. In Crown Point, we have several antique shops….in fact a few ‘antique malls’….I can count eight of them on the town square right off the top of my head. My cousin and I love to peruse them; but I’ll bet I can get her to come out and take a look with me. Sounds like a wonderful shop and I love the name.


  2. It is lovely furniture, the art deco. I hear so much about bedbugs these days I’d think twice about buying second hand wood furniture, but perhaps that is mainly a problem here in Europe, I don’t remember. We are thinking about buying a larger bed, but as neat older furniture doesn’t include queen sized beds, I’m more likely to try to be creative about a headboard or some sort of drapery. But that will be down the road…

    (BTW, your ‘tree’ picture doesn’t seem to come up…)


    • Shelly, I can honestly say the threat of bedbugs never came up in my mind–so thank you for that. LOL! I can happily say, a few weeks later, we are bug free. And thanks for letting me know about the “tree” picture.


  3. I love the joy of finding something that has your name on it. The set is lovely, very you! I bet if you’d been deliberately looking for it, you’d never have come across it – serendipity. That big mirror is wonderful – I just love your house, Heather. Your bed linen is gorgeous as well.


    • Me too! Problem is my name is everywhere–to the chagrin of my husband. However, this one had his name on it too. : ) Thank you for your very kind comments. : ) (My bed linen was a steal and found new at a garage sale).


  4. Heather…you are my kind of girl! I love the new-to-you treasures! I was out and about yesterday with a friend hitting the consignment and thrift stores. I did not find any furniture type pieces but lots of clothes. You and your mother have wonderful taste in décor and putting it all together. Thinking…I will give y’all a call when I go looking for furniture pieces! 😉


    • Thank you! Yes, treasure hunting is always a thrill–whether for clothes or furniture. I will be posting soon about about a clothing treasure I recently found.


  5. I literally just gasped out loud when I reached the second photo! Gorgeous and those handles are devine!
    Great idea with the nightstands too – we call them bedside tables, even though they are usually drawers and not tables. Love your parents’ furniture too, very elegant. Good job I can’t get to that store – it could prove very costly.
    I’ve been thinking about posting pictures of my bedroom set (and compacts for you). Will have to do that soon.


    • Now that is a compliment coming from my Art Deco friend from across the pond. : ) The wood is actually a little darker than it photographed. I think there is a total of five different woods used on the pieces. It really does look even better in person. And yes, please do those posts!


  6. Heather, you manage to beat me on the goal line … was going to do a post about my boudoir too. Mine is only half the size of yours – at least it looks so.
    Beautiful furniture you have and are so perfect for what you adore and what you want to surround you with. You will get the style .. all through the home and I love what I seen so far. The living room are so tasteful.
    I love some old furniture in my home, but not every piece. Not a lover of extreme modern furniture neither. Also there.. one or two pieces is enough.
    Have a great weekend now and I hope the cold has lighten up on you.


    • Maybe we need to co-blog? Can’t wait to see your boudoir photos. I love getting glimpses into how others lives, especially.from other cultures. Fun stuff! I think mixing furniture is the best way to go–makes things more interesting.


  7. Bonjour Heather!
    So you have another home in France 😉 😉 ?
    I love your “new/antique” furniture. Very art deco style. My grand Mother had someting very similar. Now you need to revamp your whole wardrobe and dress like a 1930’s 1930’s movie star….
    xo The Artist,
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)


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