chic ~~ the “change my world” compact


I hope you had a lovely weekend.  It was a busy one for us but I can’t complain because I got to spend time with friends I haven’t seen in long time both on Saturday and Sunday.  Always great to catch up and share some new memories and laughs.    I also got to watch “The Hedgehog” again…this time with Brett.  I wasn’t sure if he would like it or not but that renaissance man surprised me again–he did!  I enjoyed it even more the second time  and fell in love with the soundtrack.  So much so that I ordered it from Amazon.  It has the most amazing cello music…very moving and solemn.  I decided it would be a good CD to have  to play on PMS days.  You know, to help me mellow out (or cello out!).  I think the first time I play it will be at night with  just the fireplace on for light and a glass of 1919  Malbec.  I will let you know how that goes.

So, yes, the other day I wrote all about my love of compacts.  I loved all the comments I got from those of you who love them too–especially you who had received one as a gift years ago and still cherish it.  That is too cool.  When I started hunting for the perfect compact to carry, of course I started with the vintage ones.  Oh, I was more than tempted, on many an occasion, by some of the beauties that are out there.  However, most of the vintage compacts were designed to hold pressed powder and a mirror.  I don’t wear powder.  A few others featured a lipstick holder but I wear lip gloss.  Even if I did wear lipstick, would a modern tube fit one of these vintage holders?  And how did that all work anyway?  I didn’t want to invest money into something that would just end up taking space in a drawer.  So I opted for (gasp) a new compact (Kelly, please brace yourself) made by Mary Kay.

Have you ever seen this little gem?  Until this past May, I have never used Mary Kay.  But when Chelsea (Belle Fille) got married, a dear friend of ours, who has been a make-up artist for years, did the bride’s and bridesmaids’ make-up.  This friend now works for Mary Kay and was very enthusiastic about the product and told me a lot of good things about it.  I was impressed by her recommendations/knowledge because she worked for Estee Lauder for years and was always a Lauder gal.  She became a mother and wanted to work from home so that is why, after doing her research into their products, she decided to represent Mary Kay.  I bought a couple of eye shadows and a  liner from her at the time of the wedding but didn’t think much about Mary Kay again until a few weeks ago.

While frustratingly looking through my make-up drawer one day I realized a couple of things.  One, some of my stuff was really old…as in, I couldn’t remember when I bought it.  Second, I had a lot of make-up I never seemed to use.  It was time to clean out the drawer.  I threw out a ton of eye shadows, some lip colors,  passed on nail polishes to a co-worker  and then surmised what I needed to replace.  I then headed over to to start some searches on products.  This made me remember what my friend had told me about Mary Kay.  I happily found out that many of Mary Kay’s cosmetics are highly rated by Paula (I love Paula and use some of her skin care products–great stuff!).  And then I remembered the Mary Kay compact!  This was the perfect solution for fulfilling my desire to carry a compact and  for streamlining/minimizing my make-up supply.

I picked out ONE cheek color, four eye colors (to add to the two I had), two lip glosses and a Lash Love mascara.  The compact is designed to carry a mix of stuff or if you just want to carry a lip color and powder, that would work too.  Here is what mine looks like:

The products are held in magnetically so I can pop out the eye colors for others when I feel like it.  And then the compact smartly fits in my purse.  It has a slim profile so it is less bulky that having  a make-up bag (which I didn’t) in my purse .  And it is more efficient than having glosses, liners and other cosmetics rolling around in there (which I sometimes did).  It’s brilliant!  I am so happy with it and I feel like such a lady when I pull out my compact to re-apply my lip gloss.  I try not to do it too often even though I love doing it so much this has become a new life struggle. ; )

One of the biggest surprises of the whole Mary Kay venture was finding Lash Love mascara.  Oh my word.  It is THE BEST mascara I have ever used.   Just one coat and my lashes are VOILA!  I used to be a L’Oreal Voluminous loyalist but I would often get dark shadows under my eyes.  I thought it was from liner or shadow because I don’t wear mascara on my lower lashes.  I don’t remember how long it was before I finally figured it out but the mascara was the culprit.  I changed to another L’Oreal offering…one of the “tube technology” mascaras.  Yuck.  Hated it.  Then I tried Paula’s Choice.  It was OK.  I was planning on sticking with it but thought I would just try Mary Kay’s because of putting in an order and I needed  a new tube.  Good decision.  I will not go back to any other mascara, and from here on out, I consider the hunt for the perfect mascara over.  It doesn’t smudge.  One coat is all I need.  It doesn’t come off until I take it off.  Really, what’s not to love with Love Lash?  Of course, now I do live with a slight dreaded fear that MK will change something about it just as I have discovered it.  Oh I hope not!  Want to see a before and after?

Before (sans mascara):

After (avec ONE coat)

(Just a note:  it was quite difficult to take these pictures and the next time I will clean out the eye boogers prior to doing so.  For heaven’s sake.)

And who the heck knew I could write over 1000 words about a compact and mascara?  It wasn’t supposed to be this long.  But I do have a couple of more things to add.  Remember in my post about compacts I told you all about the Dodge La Femme “package”?  Well, click here if you would like to see what the handbag and accessories looked like.  I nearly had a stroke.  If you want to see some vintage advertising and read more about the Dodge La Femme, click here for an interesting article.

OK, that’s all I’ve got.  I’ve typed my silly self tired.  Have a great Monday!!



33 thoughts on “chic ~~ the “change my world” compact

  1. You’re so funny … Have use some hand products from Mary Kay – very good – the were a gift.
    Never used her make up – I love YSL mascara, because I only use brown or gray. Black is too dark now when I come up in a prestigious age-group. Absolutely fantastic with its thick brush. Have a girlfriend that have tried eye lash serum and she have never had any lashes and now are long and think. Unbelievable, never seen anything like it.
    Great post and I wish you a great week and of course a soft Monday


    • A friend just gifted me the Satin Hands set. I love it! I have been having a lot of issues with my hands from work (can’t figure out if it is allergy to glove or a chemical) and I have found the MK to be very soothing and helpful.

      I have never seen mascara in grey…what a great color idea! I think I would like that. YSL–duly noted.





    • Mom! Why are you yelling at me??? (ALL CAPS) I promise not to clump it up again. Of course, maybe my trailer park beginnings have something to do with why I like my mascara clumpy.

      (no, people, i have nothing against anyone who lives in a trailer park. if i ever get my vintage airstream, i may be in one again some day).


  3. Great tip about the mascara – I have used Mary Kay products but not the mascara. Thanks! I too have done quite a bit of purging with my makeup, I have my trustee items which basically make up my 5 minute face and I rarely deviate from it. The rest — bye bye.


    • I rarely deviate from the simple face too–but I must wear mascara or I look super tired. I rarely use eyeliner preferring to lightly outline with a dark shadow instead–much easier.


  4. Well, I read your 1000 words with huge pleasure as always and could definitely read more. You are so funny!
    Thank you for all these make-up testings! Though, as you said, old vintage compacts can be precious, it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy modern make-up things. I trust your word and your photo on Mary Kay eye lash. Yet being unfaithful to my favorite brands (Lancôme for a treat and Sephora as a daily basis) will be tough. But I’ll try…
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    xoxo from Florida,
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)
    PS. You have great eyes. I could never ever show such a pic…. Too many crow-feet around mine. Any magical stuff you can recommend? Looking forward for your recommendations….


    • If you have found something that works–stay with it! Mascara is a very important make-up item–not to be messed with or treated lightly. ; )

      Thank you for the compliment on my eyes. I got them from my mom but hers are more aqua than mine. Any magical stuff? Not really. I think genetics is a major player, avoiding too much sun and squinting. I use either almond oil or my Paula’s Choice Anti-aging serum and that is it. I do have a furrowed brow that drives me crazy—too many headaches or concentrating too much in my life. And yet, if I worry about it too much it just gets worse! Go figure.


  5. What pretty eyes you have! 😀
    I think I’d like to try that mascara. I have thin & short lashes….pitiful actually. I need all the help I can get. I agree with Anne, I would be scared to do such a close up shot….too many wrinkles.


    • You are silly…I am sure your “wrinkles” are not that bad. Plus, aren’t we supposed to call them “love life lines”?

      Above, Viveka mentioned about her friend using one of those lash serums. Have you tried those? Personally, they scare me a bit because of the chance of changing one’s eye color. When I worked in ophthalmology I used to see some glaucoma patients who used Cosopt–sometimes only in one eye and that eye would have crazy long lashes and (sometimes) pigment changes in the iris. I believe Cosopt and some of these serums share an ingredient. Maybe a good mascara is all you need! : )


    • They have a nice selection of lip gloss shades–I have three (PInk Luster; Fancy Nancy and Red Passion). The wear well, not goopy/sticky feeling on the lips.


  6. I love the idea of the Mary Kay compact because I like the idea of the contents being interchangeable. You do have such pretty eyes – now tell us your secret for keeping them so wrinkle-free! I used to hate panda eyes, but Clarins sells a wonderful mascara fix wand and it keeps any and all mascaras in place. No smudging whatsoever.


    • I have no secrets (see my response above to Jeannie). Thank you for the tip about Clarins. “Panda eyes” is a very good way to describe the look I was dealing with all the time.


  7. I laughed so hard – buggers in your eyes! – my gosh, how funny!!! You made my evening, dear Heather 🙂 Hahaha! 🙂
    Love to read your MK review – a thousand words or longer, I like them all! – and thanks for the pretty pictures. I have the same MK compact – my cousin gave it to me a while ago. I will be in the US shortly, must get refills then.
    I really like compacts, too, but the problem is – and I agree with you – most of the time there is so much stuff in there that one doesn’t need or doesn’t like, so I prefer this kind.
    Have a lovely week, too 🙂 and all the best from Vienna 🙂


    • I do derive great joy in knowing I made you laugh. : ) I was just on the MK website and down in the way corner there is a little icon that lets me “change my country”. They have a website for Germany: . I don’t know if that would be on any help to you or not.. I really do love this compact–especially being able to fill it with cosmetics I actually use.

      And all the best to you from Allegan. Doesn’t sound quite as romantic or classy for some reason. : )


  8. First off, the comment button at the top of your blog is driving me bonkers. I get to the end and look for what feels like forever for the comment spot. Just sayin’.
    Secondly, I had a heck of a time with mascara after breast cancer because of the “no more hormone” thing. I looked forever to find one that didn’t give me a dull ache in my head and eyes. Finally a friend suggested Kiss Me Mascara. It’s one of those tubular ones and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. A girl needs her mascara; I’m glad you found one that makes you happy.


  9. Haha–great post, Heather! 🙂 My girlfriend used to sell Mary Kay years ago and I was dragged to all sorts of parties to help her out! It IS a great product and I do remember the compacts being really nice. In your previous post, I was referring to less expensive make-up cases *gasp* such as Cover Girl, etc. 🙂 The first commenter mentioned an eyelash serum to promote growth–that sounds very intriguing, as my eyelashes are mere stubbs. 🙂 The Mary Kay mascara before and after pictures were fantastic–as were your mom’s comments! lol Did you get any snow down your way last night? We have about 2″ up here. 😦 Sooo not ready for it. Happy Tuesday!


    • You are right about compacts in general—they lack the luster of the ones from the past.. Even this MK one does but it is functional and my make-up drawer looks great–hardly anything in it now.

      I heard that it snowed last night but not enough to stick. We are getting there.


  10. Can I just say my dear, your eyelashes are amazing sans mascara, let alone with> What I wouldn’t give to have decent eyelashes. I think it must be age, or the sun, or leaving my make up on at night.. Anyway, I am getting that mascara immediately!


    • I hope it works for you. Finding the right mascara can be a tricky business. Thank you for the eyelashes compliment. I wish my natural lashes were darker without mascara on them because you really can’t see them unless coated. Why does it seem like it is always men who get the greatest lashes ever?


  11. Be still my heart! I would have been the gal with the Dodge La Femme as well. Thank you, thank you for locating a photo of the accessories and for the link.
    Also, I enjoy Mary Kay cosmetics. The microderm abrasion set is the best!


    • Thank you for the tip about the microderm abrasion. I am using a different product for exfoliation right now but I love hearing about other good ones.

      Isn’t the Dodge La Femme a dream?


  12. I don’t use my vintage compacts, they are too precious. Using a modern one day to day is fine. I do use powder (to cover my rosacea) and have a little powder compact from Body Shop, I love snapping it closed. I’ve never heard of Mary Kay or Paula, but that mascara looks amazing on you.


  13. Love that compact and the idea of choosing the makeup that you put in it! Going to have to find my local rep. I’m also going to have to buy that mascara. Now to remember who it is that I know that sells MK!


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