french ~~ joie de vivre (un nouveau livre)

New on the Nook shelf:

Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like the French

Just bought it last night.  We went to “hang” at Barnes and Noble so I was able to check this out in person before buying it while sitting in the cafe with my Pellegrino.  Of course, this book is not to be confused with this one:

Joie de Vivre: Simple French Style for Everyday Living

which I absolutely adore.

It has been awhile since I bought a book on French living/culture.  I am ready for a French Feast.  My next post will highlight my all time favorite book on French living.

Oh, I will bet you can’t wait!  ; )

A Bientot for now.



17 thoughts on “french ~~ joie de vivre (un nouveau livre)

  1. The cover looks fun and I will check it out on Amazon. However, I am “book-book” girl and like to turn the pages myself, feel the paper. And yes, I am very interested in your all time favorite 😉 Have a wonderful day, dear Heather 🙂


    • Oh boy. I hope I do not disappoint. ; ) I love books too–the old fashioned way. Certain titles I will still buy for my bookshelf…but it is getting to be a rarer occurrence.


  2. You love your nook the way I love my kindle. What did we do before we got them? Lug a ton of books around like a pack mule, probably. can’t wait to find out what this favourite book is!


    • I love the anti-clutter of having a Nook. I have hauled at least 100+ books out of here in the past couple of years. So now I am using the Nook more and the library too. And yes, I did lug around a whole bag of books whenever we would go anywhere for more than a day. It used to drive Brett crazy.


    • The books I have kept around here are the ones that get pulled out and re-read or referenced often. It can be very hard to part with a classic or a French lifestyle/chic reference. : )


  3. I’m intrigued by your comment that you are ready for a French feast – did you mean it literally as in food? If so, what would be the menu? Enjoy your book.


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  5. Before I moved to UK/Ireland I had about 1450 books and I have read them all – I put them into storage, because I wanted to give them to hospital libraries, but they were too many. I have open 3 books on the last 5 years and haven’t read one of them. I have just lost the interest. Had 29 shelve meter of books and they were all organized into ABC by authors. Kept about 250 of them – rest went to charity.


    • Oh my word! 1450 books??? That is incredible. I am nowhere near the reader I used to be either but I am working on it. Trying to make myself read more and spend less time on the computer! 😉


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