chic ~~ vintage lands end pea coat

I have wanted one of these for years.  Finally, I broke down and got one.  At Goodwill.  For $9.99.  Perfect condition with zero evidence of wear. I know it is vintage for two reasons;  it is 100% wool and made in the USA.

 I love it.

Have a great Monday!



33 thoughts on “chic ~~ vintage lands end pea coat

  1. My two favorites to see on a garment label: 100% Wool and Made in the USA. Sigh… so much of my wardrobe used to say that and I gave it all away. :-/ Oh that the USA would once again be the envy of the world when it came to manufacturing of clothing. You look great in red. 🙂


    • Isn’t it amazing how much everything has changed? I love the book I posted about, “Overdressed…”, because it has given me such a good education on the history of the garment making industry both back in the day and now. I checked out the Land’s End website to peek at their “now” pea coats. They are a combination of wool, nylon and cashmere (68% wool/20% nylon/12% recycled cashmere). The cashmere is a nice touch but the wool content has really gone down…and mixed with the nylon–hmmph.


    • Thank you! Ah, the benefits of thrift shopping…only one coat, one color to choose from. Knowing me, I probably would’ve opted for black or navy but I do like this red–a lot!


  2. Gorgeous. I agree about the content too. I had a lovely ivory pea coast with a satin pea green lining form J.Crew. Completely loved that thing to death and then passed it on to my lovely oldest daughter. I have been looking for a replacement ever since… Someday…


    • My daughter had a J Crew pea coat that she absolutely loved and wore the life out…sort of. The lining got kind of worn but the outside still looked pretty good. She had it for years–maybe still has it??


    • I know, right? However, I can report that I recently bought my first pair ever of “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” (via Ebay) and they have a made in the USA tag on them. I was shocked.


    • Thank you. Can you tell I rigged up a “new” photo studio? There will be times I will highlight an outfit or a great find. Always nice to have you stop in! : )


  3. What a brilliant find. It looks gorgeous on you, I love, LOVE the colour on you. I often opt for a safe black or navy, so I’m glad your hand was forced into the red, so to speak. An incredible bargain. I’ve had a pea coat for years, it’s my old faithful and I would never part with it.


    • I do have another red (vintage) car coat that I adore too…also a Goodwill find. I can’t believe the coats I have found that way or at thrift stores. The vintage ones are my favorites–the quality and warmth are usually unsurpassed.


  4. Stunning jacket … will go well with your “rose” trousers … that I want!
    Red is a fantastic color on you. I have a black .. made in UK and 100% wool, in Sweden we call them a skipper jacket. Brilliant price too … you’re some bargain finder.


    • I love finding a good bargain, just love it! Although, sometimes my bargains start to clutter up this place. I am on the verge of some major clearing out. I was thinking I wanted to feature clothes in my Etsy store but I have decided against it because it is just too much to have some many things lying around. Will keep it to accessories, lingerie and home decor/use items.

      You are right…the jacket will be great with the red rose pants! : )


    • Sometimes I think I am just fortunate because I am really not a die hard thrifter….you know, like the gals that go often, pilfer through all the racks and come out with a cart load of awesome stuff. I am more of a casual browser who happens upon a gem once in a while.


  5. Ten years ago, I bought a navy pea coat at K Mart. K Mart is not my usual place for clothes shopping, but this jacket was great. I wore it for 9 years and only replaced it last year. Yours is a great find. And the color is fabulous.


    • Thank you. I like the red too. It is great that your coat lasted that long…it says something for the quality. I hope you like your new coat just as well!


  6. First, how is Rockefeller? I was thinking about him yesterday when my boy hurt his front leg jumping down from a chair. He was limping, even today…pitiful. I hope your boy is healing well.

    Now for your fantastic find! Wow! Ten bucks? Red is definitely your color!


    • OH no! I hope Toby is not seriously hurt. These little cuties will be the death of us!! In the past few days Rockefeller has finally started using his leg more, a little more weight on it and he will walk on it when we walk slow on leash and/or he is on carpet. I think all of our wood floors make him baby it. He has another appointment on Wednesday. I am hoping the vet will allow longer walks. I can tell his energy is getting pent up. Thank you for asking, luv.

      Aren’t good deals the best? Now if I had found it on a 1/2 off Saturday that would’ve been a deal!!


    • It is an odd term, isn’t it? I think it originated with sailors/USA Navy.

      Yes, Rockefeller is doing so much better–I am so relieved. : )


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