photography ~~ foreign (weekly photo challenge)

Hmmmm?  Has Vintage French Chic turned into a photography blog?  It sort of feels that way.  This hasn’t been my plan, it has been just working out that way.  Hopefully by posting this week’s photo challenge today, it will give me a few days to think of something vintage or french or chic to write about.  How novel.

This week’s theme is foreign.  I could have posted almost every photo I shot when we were in the Dominican Republic last October (has it only been a year since we were there???) but I settled on this one:

Barbed wire around the children’s school.  Why?  A fence I can understand but premium, maximum security barbed wire is totally foreign to me.  Is it that hard to keep the children there?  Are they being treated harshly and so they try to escape hourly and this is their “no child left behind” solution?  Or who is it that is trying to get in?  Is the wire for protection?  And if that is the case, why did I walk around the town without a proper police escort?  Besides the Sunday group of men we saw hanging around the corner liquor store with their assault rifles and hearing about a car-jacking/kidnapping that happened to some friends of my daughter’s,  I usually felt very safe.

Check out the other photos for this week’s theme here.

Enjoy the weekend!



16 thoughts on “photography ~~ foreign (weekly photo challenge)

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  2. I think it is all about safety first. Many of the wealthy families on the island worry about kidnappings. It is funny but I always felt safe when we lived there.


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  4. Too much of a jagged edge for a school, Heather. Do they have landmines as well? Very odd – I really want to know why! Love the contrast of that heavenly summer sky with the hellish wire.


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  6. I am enjoying your comments. Brett reminded me of something about the DR. According to family/friends that we have living there, theft is often a problem. Many times you will see the barbed wire around property for that reason. I forgot about that. Barbed wire can also be used as clothesline. Now that would be tricky.


    • Very true. My husband was just telling me yesterday that someone told him that one of our area schools has city police patrolling inside the school (a high school). I can’t even imagine…


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