photography ~~ silhouette (weekly photo challenge)

Look who stopped by for afternoon tea:

I grabbed a snap of her because she was staring at me through my living room window.  This was so very noticeable because I just removed my curtains due to finding a big hole in one of them (that story is for another day).  Thankfully she was on the outside looking in.  I like her in silhouette but here is a better look:

And this is Brett promptly relocating her upon my request.

One should not come to tea uninvited.  It is just not done.

Check out the other silhouette photos here.



13 thoughts on “photography ~~ silhouette (weekly photo challenge)

  1. That gave me goose bumps. You were nice to have Brett relocate the spider. She will be back. I would send dad out with a shoe or spray. Maybe it would be a different story if it was inside your house. Have a good day. Mom


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  3. So funny, a spider that looked like a cousin to that one was camping out near the chicken coop door and every morning she would make a new web and when I opened the door my hand would break the web and it would get on my face. Spiders have their purpose but I don’t like the feeling of web on my face. 🙂


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