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Bonjour, mes amies!  I have had a bit of a blogosphere absence this week.  Partly because I am busy, partly because I am tired,  partly because I am emotionally tapped out due to my dog and partly because I think my computer is giving serious thought to bowing out so I have given it long breaks.  I have read various blogs as usual but I have not been commenting too often.  Just wanted you to know what has gone on.

Two Wednesdays ago, after much deliberation due to schedule conflicts, my friend Diane and I finally got together for an evening of food and entertainment.  She and I (and everyone else) have dealt with some stressful things in our personal lives but we realized that we still needed to make room for “girlfriend” time…because that is the best way to de-stress and have some good laughs.  She graciously offered to make dinner and then share her free movies passes with me.  When I got to her house the table was set and dinner was ready…Eggplant Parmesan (somebody Flay’s recipe).  Look how lovely:

It was delicious–all of it, the wine, the salad, the main course, the espresso!  I truly appreciated the time and love that went into such a wonderful meal.  This is Diane…friend and chef extraordinaire:

After dinner we headed over to the theater to see “Trouble With the Curve” starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.  It was an OK movie.  I loved the idea behind the plot but wasn’t overly impressed with its execution.  Clint Eastwood’s character was pretty cliché.  Amy Adams…well, what can I say?  I have to try really hard to like her as an actress.  What I remember most about her role in this movie was her hair–and how I wanted to pull it back, out of her face, once in a while.  But who I really liked in the film was Justin Timberlake.  I thought he did a fine job with his character.  The movie is definitely worth seeing once, especially if you’re a baseball fan (I am not, by the way).  And yet, despite that advice, I will be seeing it again this coming Monday night with Brett because it is showing at our theater here in town.  Since we only get one movie showing at a time, we try to go when there is one that sounds/looks even remotely entertaining.  We usually go on Monday nights because it is 2 for 1.  That means we spend a whopping $4.00 to see a film.  Yes, we are that cheap.

I was a little “crazy” with my movie attire.  I saw these pants featured in a post on J’s Everyday Fashion.  I fell madly in love.  I took a peek at them on Chicos website, saw that they were on sale AND that I could still use a $25.00 coupon off that I had.  I used to be a Chicos addict many years ago but haven’t bought a thing from them in at least five years.  What a comeback!

I bought them because they totally reminded me of something Andie would wear in “Pretty in Pink”.


This is one of my favorite outfits that Molly Ringwald wears in the film.  I watched the extras on my DVD one time and remember the costume director commenting on how she really used a “vintage” look for Andie’s character.  Practically the entire wardrobe was thrifted.  Molly Ringwald mentions how she still owns that sweater.  And why wouldn’t she?  I think the “style” she wears in the film is one of my all time favorites.


(I have always wanted this car too!)

Remember this outfit?  Andie wore it for her first date with Blaine.  Every time I see the scene where he first picks her up at work and asks if she wants to change her clothes, I want to smack him–hard.

Sigh.  Such great memories of the 80s and this movie.   At least I am drawn to Molly’s look in this movie and not Annie Potts:


But seriously…what is not to love about Annie Potts?  “Designing Women”–another 80s favorite.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Watch “Pretty in Pink” for a trip down memory lane.



30 thoughts on “chic ~~ best friends and movies

    • I didn’t see another comment out there so I am glad you did one again. : ) Please see my above responses for the Rockefeller update. Thank you for stopping by and asking about the little guy.


  1. You’re cute in these pants! They are very beautiful, I love the pattern and are perfect with the rest of the outfit. The bag is beautiful. That envy cinema to have such a cheap price, in my city a movie price is 9 €.


    • Thank you! Wearing these is really a huge “style” leap for me. But isn’t it great how well that vintage velvet bag goes with them. I should get some great wear out of both of them this Fall and Winter.

      Most cinemas in the USA charge $8 to $12 for a movie ticket. Our little theater is a great bargain.


  2. I LOVE Pretty in Pink! I have the DVD, I am going to watch the special features. Can’t believe I haven’t done that yet, I’m usually a sucker for special features! Andie’s wardrobe was definitely memorable.

    The supper looks lovely, glad you had a great time. I love Bobby Flay’s cuisine, we’ve been to a few of his restaurants and everything we had was great. I agree about Amy Adams – I’m not sure if it is her acting skills or whatever, but I wish a different actress was cast for the Julie & Julia movie….I thought Amy Adams was a bit too whiny and over-the-top….I think they had to make “Julie” more endearing to audiences though, the real Julie is very salty. lol Hope you have a good weekend!


    • Oh yes! Watch the Special Features…they are really interesting. I think I owned the DVD for quite some time before I realized I hadn’t done that either–so worth it.

      Right…it was “Bobby” Flay. I didn’t have a clue who she was talking about but it was a great meal.

      I am totally with you on Amy Adams in Julie & Julia. I adore that movie only thanks to Meryl Streep/Julia. I have pondered the possibility of getting an edited version of the movie…without Julie/Amy in it–at all. Did you read, “My LIfe in France”? Such a great book!

      I really thought that if I could just pull her hair back, she would miraculously act better.


    • Thanks, Juhli…we had a very nice time. And little Rockefeller is doing pretty well. Tires easily but every day seems a little better.


    • My Kindred Spirit across the pond! I think I figured out that the car is Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and it has been on my radar for years. But if I were to get one, it would have to be the same color as Andie’s. Of course.


  3. Agreed – girlfriend time is just the best! The meal looks scrumptious. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen Pretty in Pink, though I certainly remember hearing about it. Must look that up sometime. Never been a giant Eastwood fan myself (though I remember having a crush on Rowdy Yates). Envy you the $4 option!


    • Ohmygoodness! You have to see “Pretty in Pink” and “Sixteen Candles”. Cult classics if you ask the average 80s Generation Xer. I seriously have always loved MR’s styly in PiP…so vintage chic!

      Rowdy Yates? I will have to look that one up. ; )


    • Merci! Rockefeller seems to be doing pretty well. His incision looks better and better every day but he still refuses to put weight down on the leg…unless he is really distracted by the promise of a treat or something. : )


  4. I couldn’t agree more with girlfriend-time! Congratulations on your new red pants – I adore them! The last time I bought some “wild” ones like those, must have been about 10 years ago… – Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


    • They are definitely the most wild pair of pants I have ever bought. I plan to have some fun with them…channeling my inner Molly and all. : )


    • I will check with her. She is a good gal…and a good cook. Thank you for the kind comment about my pants. I really try to learn from the best fashion bloggers out there (like you!).


  5. It’s great spending time with a good friend, especially one who feeds you! Love your pants, now I have to go and stick Pretty in Pink in the dvd. Justin Timberlake makes my eyes roll in my head, and not with pleasure.


    • Too funny. I have not a Timberlake fan per se but compared to the others in this film, I liked him the best. What does that tell you?


    • You, ma chere, were the first one to ever tell me about Chicos. I believe we walking in the mall in Grand Rapids, the day we visited Meijer Gardens. So, in effect, I owe my “chic-ness” to you. : )


  6. Heather, those pants are to die for – want a pair too. Just love them had a similar pair when I was 18 – long time ago. Missed this blog during me “time out”. Sometimes a movie that is okay – is okay too *smile – you seams to had a great evening and great company. Thanks for a great and trendy post.


  7. The pattern on those pants is amazing and I am drooling over that bag! You look so adorable, seriously I was just smiling when I got to your photo. And there is nothing wrong with a cheap date, nothing at all. 🙂


    • Look kind of crazy is more like it. But I do like the pants–a very fun change from my usual dark blue jean or black pants.


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