photography ~~ happy (weekly photo challenge)

FALL makes me Happy.  And this particular Fall is making me really happy.  The colors are stunning!  Brett and I enjoyed a mini color tour this week.  I am thankful to live in Western Michigan because we have some truly amazing landscapes.   Here is what I captured the other day:

Pretty, non?  This is overlooking the town I live in.  Now check this one out:

Instagram?  No!  Shot through the lens of my sunglasses.  I love the effect!

Have a great weekend!


PS  Thank you for the well wishes about Rockefeller.  He did have his surgery on Friday and all went well.  I am very sleep deprived right now but so thankful that the vet feels Rockefeller will have a full recovery.  Here’s the pathetic patient:

Coming off anesthesia is always attractive.


28 thoughts on “photography ~~ happy (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Fall is my favorite season as well, although we don’t get much in the way of fall down here in Florida! Gorgeous pictures, thank you for sharing! Also – glad to see the little furry patient is on his way to recovery 🙂 hope you both can get some rest!


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  3. Those river shots were taken a few steps from the house I grew up in. The view is the reason my parents bought the property and built a house there. Greatest view in town. I love that you took one of the pics through your sun glasses.
    I’m so glad Rocky’s surgery went well but that photo of him broke my heart.


  4. Aw bless him, gentle hugs.
    That last photo looks like a painting!
    I had a guy come to fix a chip in my windscreen on Friday and he had an American accent and when I asked him where he was from he said Michigan!


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  6. Heather, I have missed your blog while away. I didn’t know about Rockefellar’s surgery, poor puppy. I hope he is better soon. Winston is still in his collar so we are cone bound over here too. Those photos are unbelievable. They do not look real. Isn’t Fall magnificent! xo


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  13. My poor little baby Maltese (13) had the same surgery this last summer and is doing just fine! Of course now I carry her up and down stairs ect. And try to lift her up and down before she jumps! Best to your puppy!


  14. Gorgeous photos! I’m so glad Rockefeller is doing well (that’s some side-eye he’s giving you!!) I think he’s saying, “Spoil me, for I have suffered!”. He’s such a little cutie.


  15. Poor doggie, he does look unhappy! Love the photos. I’m trying to get my head around autumn this year. It used to be my favourite season, but that was when I had a reliable summer. The cool freshness was always welcome after a hot sticky season. My month in France only spoiled me, but after a week in the Lake District with the trees beginning to turn, I think I’m read for autumn. (Like it cares whether or not I’m ready…).


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