photography ~~ mine (weekly photo challenge)

Since it is all about Rockefeller here lately, I decided he would fit this week’s theme, “mine”.  His surgery is fast approaching but it couldn’t come soon enough because it is so hard to watch him hobbling around on three legs…although, I must say, he hobbles pretty well.  Everything we do is minimized now–no long walks, no jumping, no stairs.  I can already feel the muscle atrophy in his injured leg.  But he is definitely all “mine”.  Of course, I willingly share him with Brett, but Rockefeller is my dog–mine.

We took him with us this last weekend to help my parents move into their new house.  Just before we were getting ready to leave my brother and family stopped by.  My brother could not believe the devotion he observed in Rockefeller towards me.  Of course my brother thought it was “not normal, something is not right with that dog”.  But I don’t think of it as abnormal at all.  He’s just my buddy, that’s all.  And hopefully this little companion of my heart will soon be on the road to complete recovery.



19 thoughts on “photography ~~ mine (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Awww….Rockefeller. This is a great pic…he does look a little forlorn. I hope he heals quickly.
    My dog shows this dedication to me. I think its normal. Although I do call my dog (Lucas Rufus McScruff) my stalker dog. He stalks me. I think your pup is just fine with his dedication to you.


  2. Poor Rock-rock. I wish I could sit in the waiting room with you during his surgery. I know what it’s like to wait and worry.
    My two girls are “mine”, too. Bill and Tori play with them, but we all know who they really belong to 🙂
    Thinking of you and ‘your’ sweet doggie.
    xo, A


  3. My heart goes out to you and that sweet boy. I’ve seen his unlimited devotion to you in person and it is touching! Enjoy him! Hope all goes well, give him a pat from aunt lisa XOXO


  4. Dear little Rockafeller. I understand his devotion to you completely. My Finn is that way with me as well. My husbands chuckles at the intensity of his devotion to me, but he’s mine, all mine. My prayers and good thoughts for the surgery for Rockafelller.
    Thanks for all your kindness, it means a lot to me.


  5. I’m sending huge healing vibes Rocky’s way. Do you think he’s aware of them?
    Please keep me posted via email if you have the time.


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  7. I think dogs do tend to bond with one human, even though they might love many. We don’t have a dog and probably won’t for a long while – when we do I want to be sure I can be good to it! I sometimes wonder if I would be jealous if it bonded with Bill more than me…silly, aren’t I? I do hope Rockefeller has a long, healthy future.


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  9. I hope Rockefeller ‘s surgery turns out well. Boemee and I were like that. She was always where I was. We have Hannah now and she is that way to my husband now. Although she is mine, my husband found a way to bribe her attention with greenies lol. Rockefeller will be fine in no time


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