vintage chic ~~ ballet flats, dress clips and a bordeaux handbag



Today I am featuring my third pair of shoes that I bought for Fall.  I decided it was high time to own a pair of ballet flats.  Usually the casual shoes I prefer to wear will have a bit of a heel to them so I wasn’t sure how I would take to flats.  In choosing a pair, I knew I wanted something fun, not blah, and versatile.  I chose these:

Found on Ebay….Aersoles at a great price.  Here is one way I have worn them:

But just as fun as the shoes were for me, my vintage dress clips were as exciting (it’s a pretty simple world I am living in).  I found these while antiquing a couple of weeks ago when I went to Marshall, Michigan for the Historic Home Tour.  When I bought them I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them or when–I just thought they were so pretty.  Well, as it turns out, they are perfect to use on a crew-neck cardigan to make it “v-necked” which I prefer.  Voila!

I love them!

You will also notice that I am sporting a vintage Koret handbag in burgundy/bordeaux.  I adore this bag.  The leather is so soft and the size is perfect for carrying my necessities, including my Nook.   I will be linking up with Adrienne and Jill tomorrow for their monthly, “How I Wear My…”.  This month is the color Burgundy.

Enjoy the start of your week!



27 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ ballet flats, dress clips and a bordeaux handbag

  1. What fantastic shoes! Very Chanel-esque.
    I think those clips are gorgeous. I never knew such a thing existed.

    Thank you for joining in on our latest HIWM, which will be up first thing tomorrow morning. Love that bag…a gorgeous shade of burgundy.
    xo, A


    • I think the clips could be used on shoes too. I remember that being a popular thing to do in the 80s (well, at least I did it–doesn’t mean it was popular). HIWM was fun as always. I am glad it got me to use this bag more! : ) xo


    • I like to “barefoot” walk/exercise (I wear Vibrams for this) so wearing flats is comfortable for me. I prefer a small heel because I read that it raises “the bottom line” which I should try to do. I would imagine there are flats out there that provide arch support. Let me know if you try them.


  2. Heather, these shoes are beautiful. Almost as much as the Spanish. :). The necklaces are great and you are beautiful. The bag is especially nice, nice shape and beautiful color. A vintage treasure. I like your outfit, with this blouse we already know and that is so soft. I like the outfit and I like the picture with your camera, reminds me of the old blog.


    • You are too funny! Yes, I can tell my brogues are a better quality shoe. As for the photos…yes, I am back in the bathroom studio. My husband is not very good at taking my picture–they are often blurry, not in focus–which is why my head is missing in the first shot. Thank you for your comments. : )


    • No, not made as earrings but I have heard of using those in a similar way. However, I think many clip earrings wouldn’t have a strong enough hold on a garment or shoe–they would be flinging off too easily. Thank you for stopping in!


  3. Love the shoes and the clips! I like the bag as well – lush colour – but I always thought it would hurt carrying a chain over my arm. Maybe I just carry too much!


    • Ha! The chains don’t bother me at all but I don’t carry a ton either. Actually, I have been quite pleased by how well this bag does carry. I though it would look too dressy with casual clothes but it doesn’t. : ) Yay!!


    • Yes, yes…there is such a thing. They could also be used as shoe clips. And you are right…I don’t think I have ever seen you in a dress. Holler, would you, when you do?


  4. Hi Heather, thank you so much for joining Adrienne and me for the burgundy post. I am dying over that Koret bag of yours. You are so lucky to have found out and so smart to have kept it! I hear that Koret is launching a new line of bags next year called ’33rd & Mad’ after their location in Manhattan. I used to walk by that store when I lived in the city. It’s long-closed, but the window casings were so gorgeous, so 1960s, I felt like I was in an Audrey Hepburn movie. I think there is going to be a bigger market for Koret bags very soon so the value of the one you own is just going to go up! XO, Jill


    • Thank you for hosting, Jill. I checked out Koret’s website after reading your comment. I love that they are making bags again and that they are focused on the classic, vintage styles. I hope they stick with it. I have owned many vintage Korets through the years…amazing styles and craftmanship. I have a gorgeous bronze, faux snakeskin one for sale in my Etsy store right now–it is super cute. xo


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