chic ~~ origami owl (or wear your story)

First, I want to thank everyone for all the kind, encouraging comments about Rockefeller.  If he could read, he would be touched.  I know I am.  He is scheduled for surgery on October 5th…and we will have a long road to recovery.  I am hopeful all will turn out as best it possibly can.

As you know, my vintage ways usually lead me to make choices in my jewelry that are …well, vintage.  I love vintage brooches and necklaces.  I wear vintage brooches on all of my outer wear coats.  Three strand necklaces grace my neckline often when dressing up.  However, in my day-to-day jewelry wear, I keep things pretty simple; stud earrings, pendant necklace, watch and 2 rings.  But I love having fun with my pendants.  I usually change the pendant out everyday…polished stone, piece of beach glass, enamel flower, roman coin–whatever fits the mood.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a rather unique jewelry idea called Origami Owl.  Do you know it?  I had never heard of it before…and of course was intrigued.

Origami Owl was founded by a 14-year-old girl who wanted to find a way to save money for a car.  She thought up this idea of lockets that tell your “story”.  Smart little cookie, that one.  The basic idea is that you can create your own locket or necklace.  This is what I did:

I chose my locket.  I wanted something plain, no bling.  And then I chose my “charms” and a “plate”.

There are different categories.  I chose a flower from the VINTAGE category; an Eiffel Tower (FRENCH) from the Travel; a handbag (CHIC) from the Hobbies; and a camera (PHOTOGRAPHY) from the Hobbies.  The plate I chose says “Love Life” (which I do!)

I felt like something was missing.  It was the beach (hey!  I am a west Michigan girl) so yesterday, I broke off a piece of beach glass to make it small enough to fit inside.

Kind of fun, isn’t it?  The options are endless with dangles, charms, gemstones, bling, no bling, different chains, etc.   It looks like you can order straight from the website or you can host a home show.  I am thinking about doing one in October…or at least I was thinking about it before Rockefeller’s accident.  It would be a fun one with girlfriends or moms and daughters.  I even thought about coupling it with a clothing swap.

I love wearing it and I like knowing I can change it out with other charms in the future to create an entirely different look.   Hmmm…but why would I?  Vintage, French, Chic, Photography and Beach is what it is all about (except for travel…and reading…oh! and a scrabble tile charm would be cool…or a dog one…and of course there’s…..)


PS  Don’t forget to enter my french chic giveaway if you haven’t done so yet!


33 thoughts on “chic ~~ origami owl (or wear your story)

  1. Heather, what a fantastic piece of jewelry – I don’t like Pandora … this has more meaning to it. Wonderful, the problem is that most necklaces like that is too short for my neck – hate to have them tight around the neck – I get panic. Maybe I should check the website out, because this I really like that I can add charms that relate to me personal.
    By the way I have bought a bag on Etsy to go with my new pattern leather boots and loafers that I bought last year in London. Got it so cheap and postage for nearly nothing. Looking at a shoe too, in tan suede – don’t really need them .. but you know how it’s *smile – will go to the website now for the necklace.


    • That’s funny, Viveka, I never have cared for Pandora either…just not my style. I think you should be able to find an extender chain you can use on your necklaces. I have one that I use occasionally on mine when I want them to hang lower. The locket came with a chain but I am wearing it on a necklace I already owned.

      Would love to see your “new” bag! Post? Email? Thanks!


      • Thanks, I checked the webiste out – there is long chains and I have put mine together – will cost me nearly $100 – haven’t checked out the postage for Sweden yet. Haven’t signed up.

        Of course I will do a post about my bag ..


  2. I’ll be thinking of you both! I’m sure the little gorgeous one will be fine.
    I like the idea of the locket! It suits me because I get bored quickly and it’s a great way to change things up to suit your mood.


    • I have had it a few weeks now…before the tragedy. So no, it didn’t cheer me up this week but I am thinking more positively about Rockefeller. Thanks!


  3. I think your locket is so interesting…I’m sure you will be getting lots of compliments on it. Poor little guy, I know he is getting lots of extra love and attention. Hope his surgery goes well.


    • Either lots of compliments or people just staring at my chest, trying to figure out what the heck it is. : )

      Yes, he is getting lots of love and attention….hopefully I am not creating a little monster.


  4. 14 years old huh? Smart kid. Love your locket, what a great idea! All the best to Rockefeller (my old dog had complete reconstructive knee surgery and it went great and she went on to live many happy and strong years).


    • Thank you for the positive feedback regarding our beloved pets and surgery. I just keep focusing on him walking on all fours in just a couple of months. I am glad you stopped by!


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