vintage chic ~~ black brogues (and other stuff)

What an eventful past 24 hours I have had.  Yesterday my precious, little Rockefeller

decided to jump off our bed and tear a ligament in his back right knee.  When I heard him hit the floor, I had a bad feeling (because of how it sounded) and then he started crying and crying.  I started crying (really haven’t stopped).  Of course it was Sunday so there was nowhere to take him in a hurry.  I called the on-call vet to see what I should do.  He assured me it was unlikely he broke anything from just jumping from the bed and that, more than likely, he had sprained something.  I explained that Rockefeller wasn’t putting any weight on the back leg.  The doc said if that continued through Monday I would need to bring him in.  Well this morning there was no change so off we went to the animal clinic.

Rockefeller was a little gentleman as he got examined.  The vet determined that he had torn his ACL.  She took X-rays to makes sure there were no fractures…and there were not.  However, the torn ACL may require surgery.  She is letting him rest for a couple of weeks and has prescribed an anti-inflammatory medicine.  Her hope is that the other ligaments around the knee will start compensating for the one that has torn.  If not, we will revisit the surgery option.  Thankfully, he is not in pain.  The hard part will be keeping him calm and restful.  I feel awful about it.  If only…the guilt plays in my mind.  I totally can’t talk about it without crying so it is good that I am just typing.  So let’s change the subject.

Even though fashion was the last thing on my mind this morning, I did have to wear something to the vet’s office.  Since the weather was very cool, I thought it would be a good day to break out the new-to-me vintage black brogues I found on Etsy.  These shoes are in amazingly good shape.  Here’s the funny thing…they are a men’s shoe.  Pierre Cardin, made in Spain, size 8M.  And they fit perfectly.

So I wore them today with this outfit:

Meh.  It’s OK.  I am having a hard time getting used to “ankle pants”.  In school we would’ve called these high waters.  Fashion.  But I do like the look of the shoes and it was fun wearing my vintage black Coach Willis with them.  Good thing it is a fuzzy shot because my face is a mess from crying so much.

And in other news…although I am getting back to the Rockefeller tragedy…I have received two bouquets of flowers today from friends who were worried about me.  One of them already knew about Rockefeller.  The other did it just because.  Aren’t friends the best?

I will keep you posted on Rockefeller’s recovery.  Hopefully I can keep him calm and in his kennel a lot during the next couple of weeks.   Thankfully, he seems to like it there.



48 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ black brogues (and other stuff)

  1. It sounds like Rockefeller needs a hamburger and you need a glass of something…

    On curvy girls weighing more than 90 pounds…I think the brogues would look best if you wear black opaque tights and a cute little straight skirt in a neutral color – charcoal gray, a tweedy-brown, etc. Then wear a gorgeous, richly colored sweater or blouse on top.

    If you don’t want the straight skirt, you could always channel a 1920’s secretary look and wear a slightly fuller skirt that goes well past the knee and clears your calves.

    It is very, very hard to wear pants where the hem hits above your ankle. I’ve never been able to do it without my legs looking really heavy (yours don’t, by the way).


    • Sadly, a hamburger messes the little guy up. And now that his activity will be restricted for up to a couple of months, he’s got to lay off the treats. So, so sad.

      I agree with your suggestions on how to wear the brogues. And I will not be buying ankle pants again in the future. I think they are only going to be worn with tunics or long jackets.

      Oh. I had a glass of champagne to drown my sorrows…perceptive.


  2. Oh no! Those small dogs have a tendency for such injuries. Daisy tore her meniscus disk a few years ago and had to have surgery, or rather $urgery. It was spendy but worth it because she is 100% fine now. I do hope that Rockefeller will heal the ACL on his own. Poor fella and poor you. I know how traumatizing and worrisome that can be.

    I love those brogues! I bought my first pair of them a couple of weeks ago and have already worn them several times. Mine are cognac. Am now on the hunt for a black pair.

    Sending healing thoughts your way.
    xo, A


    • My heart is broken. But it is encouraging to hear of other success stories. He is scheduled for surgery October 5…we shall see.

      I am really thrilled these brogues worked for me. A pair in cognac would be lovely but I have my ankle boots now in that color. Thanks for the well wishes. xo


  3. Poor little Rockefeller…and you! It’s so awful when your little darlings are in pain. You do look wonderful though!! High water pants are tough for me to find because I have short legs, but they do look great on you. I love your shoes!!
    Hope you have a better day today. Sending flowers virtually to you and Rockefeller!


    • What’s really awful is when he tries to do something that is second nature and ignites the pain all over again. Trying to keep him controlled and at rest is going to be super hard.

      Thank you for the flowers…they were the loveliest shade of pink. ; )


  4. awwwwww, little Rockefeller, get better soon sweet puppy. I know how it feels to feel your pet’s pain. Winston won’t stop scratching and he has sores on his body that bleed and we can’t find out what it is. He suffers so much. Anyway, feel better soon Rockefeller. xo


    • Poor you, poor me, poor Winston, poor Rockefeller. Winston and Rockefeller sound like men who should be having drinks at the club…not dog names. : ) Hugs to you and your pooch. Hope you get answers on the sores.


  5. Sorry about your pooch, I hope he is on the mend and ‘right as rain’ very soon.

    Did you shorten the strap on both your Willis bags? I noticed from the post with your new boots that the British Tan one seemed a bit shorter and in today’s posting the Black one looks shorter and with a bit of ‘bling’ added. Just wondering if you felt the original straps were too long? And are you pleased with the results?
    Thanks for posting.


    • Thank you, Lynne.

      You are observant. Yes, I feel the long straps on the Willis bag are way to long for every day use…if I wanted to add girth to my hips I would eat more Oreos or something. So I am using a black chain strap off another purse. On the British Tan Willis, I found a store on Ebay that sells various strap lengths, in all different colors, for the Classic Coach bags. The hardware they use will match too. However, the strap isn’t quite as wide as the regular Coach strap but it does the trick. I kept my longer straps too because they are great to use when I want a cross body bag–for travel or an all day outing. The name of the store on Ebay is Silver Coach. I may do a post on this in the near future.

      Thanks for your comments.


  6. Poor little Rockefeller! I wish him a speedy recovery! At least you got to wear fabulous shoes when you went to the vet’s office…hope he gets better soon, for his sake and yours 🙂


  7. Ten years ago, I adopted a rescue cat…a gorgeous dilute calico Persian. She came with some issues, which resulted in a very serious eye graft within the first few months we had her. A few years later, she started having difficulty….from time to time…in walking comfortably. After several rounds of x-rays and consultations, it was determined that she had torn the acl in both of her back legs, we assume it happened while she was ‘lost’ on the streets as they were old injuries. She takes a med for joint issues twice a day now and something for pain when needed. She has great days and rougher days, but she is so worth all of our efforts to make her happy and well. According to our doctors and to our own research, elderly cats are not good candidates for acl surgery. It’s so hard to see our precious pets uncomfortable and confused. Best wishes that your little guy will have complete healing!! Be thankful that surgery can help him!


    • Rockefeller is definitely worth it too. It is a shame that his injury is just from a stupid jump off the bed BUT it did lead to x-rays which showed arthritis developing in both rear knees. So now I can be proactive with giving him glucosamine, etc. to help fight that. And you are right, it is very hard to see him confused–I am telling him no on everything that used to be OK. Poor little buddy.


  8. I can’t imagine why you feel guilty about Rockefeller’s accident (what a great name!). I’m not a fan of short trousers at all; I think it’s one of those things only spider legged models look good in. I do love those shoes however. I am hoping to find some brogues – male or female – to add to my wardrobe, as I’m thinking they might be decent shoes to walk around in, not do major mileage, mind, just walk. Actually I like everything else about what you are wearing besides those trousers, but I’m not particularly in to fashion I’m afraid. Hope your little doggie gets better soon.


    • LOL. Not a fan of the trousers, eh? No worries, my dear, they aren’t my favorite either. I seldom do the “in” thing with my wardrobe…now I realize why I don’t. : ) Yes, I think you might enjoy a nice pair of brogues. I’ve read that Church’s brand are THE best if you want a little investment shod on your tootsies.


  9. Bless, his little body … Rockefeller – he seams to be calm about it – that begging photo in the end of your post … my heart is melting. You look very smart in your outfit and the new shoes very stylish. I haven’t had my on today – couldn’t get them on for some reason, we give it a go tomorrow again. Have to check that Etsy out – 8 is 41 in UK. Thanks for a touching and a bit sore … post ! *smile


    • That photo at the end of the post was taken a couple of weeks ago…think how pathetic he can look now. LOL. To clarify the size of the these shoes…they are an 8 mens shoe which makes them a 9.5 or 10 in ladies which is a 41 European womens (I think).


  10. Poor Rockefeller! and poor YOU! I hate to see anyone in pain! I do hope he heals quickly and can avoid surgery.
    Great shoes, by the way. You always seem to find the best things. I’ve been a bit wary of buying online, but you are inspiring me to live wild and dangerous! lol


    • Yes, I didn’t do well the first couple of days–at all. Today was better and I am gaining perspective (until he sabotages himself and starts crying in pain–then I cry again). We have scheduled surgery after obtaining a second opinion. We have a long road ahead of us.

      I buy online almost exclusively…I hate shopping in stores for clothes, shoes, home goods, sometimes groceries…I am pretty sure online shopping was created with me in mind. ; )


  11. Baz, our grand-dog, had the same injury from dashing down the stairs too fast. He had surgery and 6 weeks later is perky as ever – but he was miserable for a few weeks wearing that big collar and being crated most of the time. His parents now have doggy accident insurance! This is life – and it ain’t always perfect! This gives you a good excuse for more cuddle-ing time.

    Love your shoes! In the 1940’s the nuns at our school wore them and I never dreamed I would find them stylish. Now, I want a pair! Life is also funny.


    • Oh I am hoping for perky after 6 weeks…that would be such a blessing. We have the surgery scheduled so hopefully we will have a successful outcome too. And yes, doggy insurance may be researched next. : )

      Who knew the nuns were so on the cutting edge of fashion. : )


  12. Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m crying with you!
    I know exactly how you feel b/c similar thing happened to Tobi. He was jumping up & down on the hardwood floor and the back legs slipped out and he yelped out in pain. Several visits to the vet later, damaged disc was the diagnosis…my hubby still thinks he tore a ligament but what do we know. Surgery is an option for us if he didn’t get better. Thankfully, Tobi is okay for now. I truly hope Rockefeller gets better very very soon and won’t require surgery. Hugs to the both of you!


    • All of our floors are wood in the house (except one bedroom we don’t use) and he has slipped when jumping up and down on them too. Who knows, maybe something was already compromised in the joint and his jump off the bed just did it in. I don’t know. But it’s a killer to watch him now…and tell him no on everything. Today he tried jumping up on the one sofa we always let him be on…I couldn’t stop him in time, he couldn’t do it and must have jammed his leg….oh the cries were horrible. Feel soooo bad for him.


  13. Oh, my. I can’t stand it. I feel so bad for poor Rocky – and you, too. I’m really hoping he’ll heal on his own.
    The shoes are very, very cool.
    I know what you mean about the pants. They look great on you but I remember the whole “high water” thing too so I’m not sure I’ll be going in that direction.
    I said that about crop pants too and I have several pair – who knows.


    • After everything you have been through with Augie, you at least understand the feelings of helplessness. Just killing me. Brett and I took a walk tonight without Rockefeller–that hasn’t happened in almost 2 years. Brett says you guys are back already…true?


  14. Oh no! Poor Baby! I know how much he means to you, Heather. I feel the same about my little scamp. It’s just awful to see them in pain like that, hopefully he will not need the surgery and will now make a speedy recovery. He is such a doll! I really like your brogues, they seem too narrow to be a man’s shoe!


    • He needs the surgery…and it is scheduled. I got 2 opinions and did a bunch of reading before deciding. I hope it goes better than OK. It is sad to think he may always be a little lame or have problems with the leg but he will at least be better than he is now—which is horrible and pathetic to watch. I have found out that I am not a strong person AT ALL in dealing with such things–so that’s encouraging and something to work on.


    • Exactly. I hope to get a lot of wear out of them. That last photo of Rockefeller was taken a couple of weeks ago…when he is relaxed in his kennel, he can look truly forlorn…and hilarious.


  15. Oh no poor Rockefeller! You mustn’t beat yourself up though Heather, accidents happen that is why they’re called accidents. It is NOT your fault.
    Luckily our vets always have someone there on a Sunday, good job too as a couple of months ago one of my parents’ dogs had either a stroke or brain haemorage (the vet said there was no point in doing a scan as due to her age, 13, they wouldn’t be able to do much about it). It looked like we had lost her, she couldn’t stand, eat or drink and her eyesight was affected too. However she has made a miraculous recovery and is almost back to normal.
    Surgery sounds scary but I’m sure Rockefeller will be fine and will recover quickly with all the love you give him. Give him a hug and kiss from me.


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