chic ~~ shopping for fall…shoes

I came into the Fall season with a little wish list.  Nothing extravagant– just a few things I wanted to add to my wardrobe to add some variety.  My focus has been on shoes…which I honestly do not buy often.  And once I find a pair I love, they stay with me forever.   Although I live in the North, you would be totally unimpressed with my winter shoe/boot collection.  I think I have a pair of black ankle boots and a pair of tall black ones (which I do not care for).  It was time to add some punch to the shoe wardrobe.  So I decided to hunt for the following three types of shoes:

1.  Cognac/british tan ankle boots.

2.  Two toned  ballerina flats

3.  (Hopefully) a pair of brogues (have been searching for these for months).

AND to further challenge my frugal sensibilities, I decided I would buy only on Ebay, Etsy or in a thrift store.  I need to save my pennies and I am becoming more and more resolved not to buy new… when it can be avoided (there are always exceptions, ie: some electronics, underwear, etc). Well guess what!  All three items were found with very little effort (kind of scary).  Two of the three pairs were found on Ebay (from sellers with return policies) and the third on Etsy.  This post will feature my awesome new (to me) Etienne Aigner boots which match my vintage Coach Willis bag perfectly.

Aren’t they sweet with their darling equestrian detail?  I am so happy with them!  Here I paired this brown color with grey…I love these colors together.

In this chic (remember what I said in my About page–what is chic in my world, may not be chic in someone else’s : ) ) ensemble, my husband and I went off to run some errands.  One of the errands I wanted to do was buy my dear hubby his own Nook Color.  Brett and I are on the down side of technology…very rarely do we buy into the hype of newest, latest, greatest (uh…you should see our archaic dumb phones).  But after using mine for the past year, I have convinced him of its value and ease of use.  So we went into Barnes and Noble, got the pitch from the saleslady on the pros/cons of NOOK Color vs. NOOK Tablet and Brett chose to go with the NOOK Color.  I already had a leather cover for him to use (I bought it for mine last year but didn’t like the style/heaviness of it) so that meant (in my rational way of thinking) I could buy this one for moi!:

NOOK Color Cover by Kate Spade

OK, OK…I KNOW!  It is so totally cute and chic–and uneccesary!  But it was half-priced– which still made it RIDICULOUSLY over-priced at $39.50– and so completely irresistible.  And so NOT on my Fall shopping list. However, since it looks vintage, has a French vibe and is Kate Spade chic, it has been a justified purchase in my little world.

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37 thoughts on “chic ~~ shopping for fall…shoes

    • Thanks! I did check on Amazon for you. They do have some Kate Spade covers but not like this one. Maybe we should check her website too?


  1. Those boots are so cute. I’m not spending retails anymore either…of course for undies, bras and such. I have found some wonderful things and so have you!

    Your Coach bag is gorgeous. The Nook cover is way too cute. I would have purchased it too (except I have a Kindle)


    • You always have great finds on your blog. I love my Coach too–I think it is my favorite handbag style (I also have it in black)–perfect size and great function.


  2. I’ve not had much luck with buying shoes second hand, possibly because I have such a small foot – I wore a US size 5 when I first came across, but years of running and walking (and perhaps age?) means I now wear a 5.5. UK size 2.5 to 3. I won’t wear shoes that pinch or cause blisters or any sort of discomfort and because I walk so much, the best shoes often tend to be trainers – not very fashionable at all! Your boots look very smart.


    • You are the queen of the tiny feet! I haven’t worn size five since probably 5th grade. It is interesting how our feet do change with age and wear. I used to be quite confident in buying a 9.5M but now there are times they feel a little snug. And I am with you–foot comfort is of utmost importance!


  3. Love your boots, looks like a heel that can be walked in without crippling yourself. Gorgeous colour, too. I just have a plain black leather cover for my kindle, but I’d much rather have your new nook cover, it’s so bright and pretty – great buys!


    • They are comfortable but not sure I could do some sort of marathon walking day in them. They will be nice for wearing out a few hours at a time. I noticed on Amazon there are quite a few Kate Spade covers…just saying.


    • Thanks, Karen. I love this jacket….it is both warm and comfy for cool Fall days (and hides my butt). I got it from Kikapaprika and I have been thinking about maybe getting another jacket from them but it is impossible to buy used or thrifted because they are not that well known. Grrrr.


  4. The color of those boots and that bag is my absolute favorite! I love how the boots really hug your ankle. Very sexy 🙂

    I like the commitment you have made to buying second hand. I have thought about doing that myself but with a few exceptions (too tall to buy pants and jeans used without spending hours and hours searching) and undergarments. I’ll have to give that more thought before I make the commitment.

    That Nook cover is adorable!
    xo, Adrienne


    • Yes, I can see how buying used could be problematic for your height. Have you tried much on Ebay? I always put in searches for an item with my size or Tall—weeds through everything better. I love when I do shoes. If I just put in brown boots, there will be 10,342 results. But when I do “ladies cognac ankle boots 9.5M”…there will be 4. (Exaggeration but just using as an example.) So if you put in a seach for Ladies Tall J Crew jeans, you will find your size much easier. AND you probably already know all of this because you are smart and savvy but just in case…


  5. Etienne Aigner – have been one of my favorite brand …. when I lived in Gothenburg. Love both bag and boots – you are very chic … why no photo of the ballerinas ???? Also I wouldn’t call that brown .. it’s in my eye cognac – that is one of my colors too … brown I will think of chocolate shades … *smile – am I wrong now ???? Great outfit in whole … and I still claim you have lost weight.


    • I will be doing another post featuring the ballerina shoes…and the brogues. I referenced your suggestion for the ballet flats by checking out that store in England. But I didn’t want to spend that much and I couldn’t figure out the sizing. She really does have cute shoes though!

      Yes, I agree, I call this color cognac too. And you can keep claiming I have lost weight–I don’t have a problem with that. : )


      • I missed the brogues .. my favorite shoe really beside loafers with trousers. I have a pair of cognac colored here that I can’t get in – they may fit you .. stunning and never been used. Ballerina shoe you can get all over the world now – I love her shoes because they are so pretty – but £95.00 for a shoe – not in my book. Boots okay. What size do you have ???


      • My email is frenchchicvivant(at)aol(dot)com. I don’t have it linked, just spelled out for anyone needing to contact me through email. I guess we aren’t supposed to have it typed in regular format because of spammers.


    • You always come around with the nicest compliments…thank you! I need my hair to grow out some more so I can put it back more often and with more sophistication.


  6. Fab finds, especially those boots! 🙂 Like Adrienne, I sometimes have trouble finding pants and tops which fit because I am tall but I have found some cool second-hand finds over the years. One of my co-workers is the queen of second-hand and vintage, she has found the coolest pieces and even has her kids scouting out pieces in Value Village and second-hand stores. She says she always finds brand-name kids clothes that haven’t been worn or maybe have been worn once, and that has saved her a bundle.


    • Years ago I discovered a second hand store not far from us that had the best kids clothes. I decided there and then should I ever have a kid, I would buy almost exclusively used because the kids are only in a particular size for a minute.

      I think I have the hardest time finding tops that fit properly…and some pants. Thank you for stopping by!


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