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Recently I posted about finding Ines de la Fressange’s 2013 Planner on Amazon. Of course, I ordered one for myself…and an extra for someone else to enjoy.  Hey, it’s my new blog where I love talking about anything french and/or chic —this planner is the perfect giveaway item!

Parisian Chic Weekly Planner 2013 (Calendar)

But wait…there’s more!

(for fun, read that last line again, out loud, in your best As Seen on TV announcer voice.)

I am also including a copy of the book, “Already Pretty” by Sally McGrawblogger extraordinaire–who recently penned her first book about developing one’s own style…and learning to love your body in the process.

Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well

I am all about keeping things simple.   I don’t do Facebook or Twitter and I don’t expect you to become a follower in order to enter the drawing.  Please, simply leave a comment stating that you would like to be entered.  This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.

If you did read that “But wait… there’s more!” line out loud, tell me for another chance to be entered.  Ha!  Just kidding.

Opportunity to leave a comment will be open until Saturday, September 29th…the winner announced on September 30th.




33 thoughts on “french chic ~~ giveaway

  1. I love planning manuals, but my 2013 version is already under way! I do hope you share with us a few pages throughout the new year of how Ines’ tips influence your day or week.


  2. Oh yes, please include me in the giveaway drawing! Very sweet of you to think of your loyal readers. One needs all the help she can get to be chic.


  3. Oui oui oui! As much as I’m connected to my iPhone, I still love having notebooks! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my personal style too, so this giveaway is perfect.
    Best wishes to everyone entering! 🙂


  4. Because I will never be able to french chic, in my outlook (too big and tall) – maybe I can be a little french in my planning. Would a fantastic – give away – wonderful gesture.


  5. Hi! Just dropped in to visit… I was over at and she had some nice things to say about your talents… so, what the heck… nothing like checking out a new blog! Welcome to blog land… If you feel so inclined, please enter me in your give a way! Thank you in advance…. Merci


  6. On your excellent recommendation I purchased and have received the planner. I love it! Found your blog from The Rich Life (on a budget). I enjoy your fashion photos and your blog. Keep on posting, please!


  7. I would love to win! I’m still figuring out my personal style and I added that planner to my Amazon wishlist after you posted it so both of these would be wonderful surprises 🙂


  8. Hello Heather! How thoughtful of you to invite us to your “give away”! It’s also fun to contemplate sharing a whole year with Ines, and the inspiration and support one would feel from Sally’s book–2013, here we come!


  9. Oh, go on then, enter me into this giveaway, please. (That’s what they say here when you make a suggestion that they really want to follow, but want to sound reluctant). I could use some help being better organised and am in danger of falling into dowdy without some pick-me-up advice. I whispered your tag line as I didn’t want Bill to come in and ask me what I was talking about…


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  12. I am so out of touch with the blog world that I missed this! Thank goodness you mentioned it in your post this morning. Please enter me. And I became a follower anyway 🙂 (thought I already but I guess not!)


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