chic ~~ an educated mind

I firmly believe that learning is constant in our lives…whether it comes from what one experiences, what she observes or what she studies.  As long as we keep on learning, life never will bore.  For these reasons and others I have started my history class through Princeton University. For free.

Check out  There are many classes/courses from which one can choose, sponsored by various higher learning institutions.

It’s kind of fun to be back to school.  Especially in my pajamas.

I hope you learned something here today.

Have a great Monday!



36 thoughts on “chic ~~ an educated mind

    • And good for you sister! I honestly can not imagine doing the whole college thing at this point in my life. But doing a class like this from time to time is a thrilling prospect.


    • LOL! “Clearly very bright”? Not so sure about that but if thinking so gets you through your day, then, by all means, keep on thinkin’. (Secretly, I am purring inside knowing that someone in GB thinks I am bright.)


  1. I think we always have a need for learning more or something new – and if I should study anything would it be French, because I could be a lot better – or Argentine tango.


    • I really want to be fluent in French too. I have been thinking about investing in the Pimsleur course. My Belle Fille took a TESL class and her instructor mentioned Pimsleur being one of the best out there (if you can’t go the total immersion route). Her teacher has researched most of them (home study programs) and holds multiple degrees in languages. I guess I trust his judgment.

      Argentine tango is another option! How fun would that be?


      • Heather, I don’t think it will be … much of that – have my Zumba now again … and I don’t want to study at home .. want to meet people. With the tango it will be tight meeting *smile


    • Wow, Jeannie, impressive. It is so totally about who you know. : ) I would imagine your son may have had the instructor for this class at some point. What has he done with his degree? Teaching?


      • Yes, he taught in S.Korea for 3 yrs. Now he’s back in the States working for Hundai Big Equipment USA in the marketing dept. I’m sure he’s had many history professors over the 4 yrs. That’s an expensive degree! Glad that’s over!


      • Yes, he taught in S. Korea for 3 years. A company there recruited him when he was a senior. He just moved back to GA in July and working for a big corp. in the marketing dept. That’s an expensive history degree! I’m thankful he’s out and paying his own bills! 🙂


  2. Their history of the world course looks interesting. Sadly, I seem to be going deaf – even with all the volume controls a full blast, I couldn’t really hear the introductory video. I do pretty good with reading things. I’m currently reading a book about the Nehrus and the Ghandis by Tariq Ali. I grew up hearing the name Indira Ghandi and when I finish this book I should know more about her. I should see if I can find some way to increase the volume on my computer…maybe I’ll try headphones?


    • Yes, you do read a lot and about many deep subjects. I say Brava! You have mentioned people/books on your blog I have never head of. Learning is such a wonderful gift.


  3. How fun! Let me know how it goes. I was thinking about doing something like that when I have a bit more free time, which seems to be never lately. Wouldn’t be so bad if I could find a shorter class, but those subjects don’t interest me as much.


    • Down the road you will probably find something interesting. The format of how it is all done online makes it pretty easy to structure around your own schedule/life.


  4. Good for you Heather! I love reading as my preferred way of learning.
    I’ve read quite a few books on 20th century British social history, my main interest being the interwar years. I’m also really interested in architecture (mainly residential and again British – because it is all around me) over the last 200 years and am always reading about this too.


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