vintage ~~ bartering

You may remember the other day I made a plea to my readers (yes, you) to help me place a value on this monstrous candelabra:

Nobody came through with anything.  No worries…I just thought maybe there was an antique candelabra expert among my lovely friends.  I decided I didn’t want to mess with the thing any longer so I took it in to a local antique shop for an expert’s opinion.  Guess what? She really didn’t know either.  She offered to consign it for me but as we were talking about the specifics of how this is done, something caught my eye in the far off yonder.  When she saw my interest in her gorgeous lamp she offered a trade.  I said, “done!”.  Did I lose money?  Maybe.   I don’t really care.  What I do know is that I lost an item that wasn’t being used and gained a great vintage lamp for my foyer.

It is a little too bad that the outlet is out so far from the table but it will only be plugged in when in use.

I love bartering.



24 thoughts on “vintage ~~ bartering

    • We need to surround ourselves with things that make us smile, right? Not the things that make us think, “what the heck am I going to do with it”. ; )


    • Yes, Brett and i have talked about either having an umbrella stand or a coat tree out there. I just never think to look for one because we so seldom use the front door. But I love having a foyer and wish we went in and out of there more often. This room, and the upstairs bath, are the only two rooms where I have let my love of flowers go a little crazy.


  1. What a lovely and welcoming entrance you have. Love the little wooden “sofa” – I adore your new addition – goes so well with you nice cups. I suppose it’s your entrance, sorry if not. Wouldn’t have a clue what your candelabra would be worth, but I would like one myself.


    • Yes, this is our front entrance. In this room are the front door, the doorway to the upstairs and a door to the living room. This room doesn’t get used much…except to travel through to the upstairs. Ahhh, if I had known you needed a candelabra….never mind. Shipping would have been a beast on that thing. Have you ever shopped on You might find one there. : )


      • Thanks for your thoughtfulness … to send over here will cost an arm and a leg. Not worth even thinking about. Yes, you entrance are so light and inviting. What I know from American homes is that you walk from the outside straight into the living room more or less. Entrances are not the common. Over here in Scandinavia the entrance is a must because of all cost, boots and gloves .. and the weather dirty has to stop somewhere. Also we always take our shoes off – before entering the home. Personal I would feel lost if I didn’t have an entrance or hall to hang my handbag and jacket.
        You seems to have a very chic home …


    • Exactly how I felt about it. With having the Etsy store, sometimes I will hold on to things–not so much because of possible value but because it might make someone really happy to “find” it. I have to monitor my trips to thrift stores and the like because I will buy all kinds of different things to sell later—but in the mean time they just take up space in my spare room.


  2. Well done! That lamp really is lovely. Annoying how those power points are never quite in the right place. Interior decorating books talk about planning and having them moved, but then it seems a bit inflexible not to mention expensive. Love the white bench! I finally added your new blog address to my reading list…


  3. It seems that it was a “meant to be” moment. The lamp goes so well with your beautiful teacups. You could change the cord on your lamp to a clear one and it won’t be as noticeable. I have done that…look at your big box store for a kit.


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