vintage chic ~~ working on la boutique

I wore my little finger pads to the bone on Monday.  I blocked the entire day to work on the Etsy store and to list things on Ebay.  I still have much more to do but I made a substantial dent in the stuff ecletic and often beautiful things that I like to put in my store.  So if you are curious or are shopping for Fall, you may want to check out the “new” things.  Handbags and scarves were added on Etsy.  Ebay now has a Kate Spade pocket planner, a Lodis ballet wallet and some other accessories I am parting with so as to minimize–again.   Here is  a link to the Kim White bag that I “had to have” but never used on Ebay**.  From there you can check my other items.

Here are a couple of things that were added to Etsy:

And of course I didn’t forget that kitchen tables need accessories too:

Or you could try to wear it as a scarf.  Who am I to judge?

Thank you for indulging me in my little hobby.  Please never think I expect my readers to buy anything, ever! when I share with you some of my listed items.  But a few of you have and it was a pleasant experience.  I have bought from a blogger before too.   One just never knows where she may find that “one” specific thing she has looked for– forever.


**BTW– On Ebay there is another great vintage fabric Kim White handbag on there from another seller.  It is gorgeous!  AND a Ford Mustang fabric one — for cheap!


16 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ working on la boutique

    • I prefer Etsy…but their rules are that something has to be around 20 years old to be listed or be handmade. I feel they are more user friendly and their fees are way cheaper. Ebay I use for the “newer” things. I love the good old auction style but when I am trying to get back some of my investment on something, I will do Buy It Now. Hope this helps!


    • It’s a great tablecloth…lots of neat little vintage details. Just think, one could eat and get a history/geography lesson at the same time.


    • Awww! Happy you are back from your travels. It was a weird not seeing comments from you for so long. Now we need to figure out where in the world Ms. Sulky Kitten has been hiding out.


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