vintage ~~ friends

On an item is considered vintage if it is at least 20 years old.  Our friendships with the following people are that old…even older for my husband with them.  We had a fun time together in South Haven, MI today.  Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Monday too.

Oops…missing one.  The waitress came to the rescue:



31 thoughts on “vintage ~~ friends

    • Ah, sadly we did not get to sail but we did eat on a boat while sitting in the channel…so we saw a lot of sailboats coming and going. I love being one the water…would love to own a boat!


    • I was shocked at the size of the cocktails. I enjoyed a refreshing MaiTai…hadn’t had one in years (so I had two). I’m sorry you had such a pitiful summer. We have had summers like that in Michigan too.


  1. Sea, sails, flowers, friends, food, cocktails and beer – what more can a perfect day be – wonderful photos again. Love the one with be 4 ducks swiming in formation. Thanks for taking me with you.


  2. What better way to spend a day – with “vintage” friends on the water, cocktail in hand and enjoying each other’s company in beautiful weather. Great pictures! I think I should hop into the next plane… Have a lovely week! 🙂


  3. The pictures of those sailing ships are lovely! Thank you for joining Adrienne and me for our ‘Secondhand Treasure’ post. I loved the scarves you showed and the way that you wore them, and now want even more to add a vintage 90cm Hermes scarf to my collection! XO, Jill


    • Thank you, Jill! I love the 90cm size…I find them so versatile. Heaven knows I love Hermes scarves…thank goodness they can be had second hand. : )


  4. It seems like we have both been around the water lately and having a lot of fun. Just one note…I didn’t have a cocktail with an umbrella in it so I think you may have had a little more fun. LOL.


    • I LOVE umbrellas in my cocktails and I collected three that day. NO! I did not drink three mammoth cocktails…I just begged others for theirs. Of course, obtaining them wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be…apparently not many find cocktail umbrellas as appealing as I do. One of my friends reminded me, “you know, you can buy those at a party store.” Well! What kind of fun is that? I want a “vintage” (used) umbrella–one that has a story, a history. Duh. As you can see, I am a lot of fun in a bar…vintage “shopping” even then.


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