photography ~~ free spirit (weekly photo challenge)

Nothing says “free spirit” better than standing around naked in a busy intersection.

I mean something like that would really take some…….nerve.



29 thoughts on “photography ~~ free spirit (weekly photo challenge)

    • Yes, you Europeans are surrounded by nudes–I hope there is never an uprising of the naked statues because I think you all are out numbered. 😉 This guy was a lone reed that popped up out of nowhere during a bus tour of Puerta Plata, DR.


      • Yes, he seemed very out of place in our surroundings. I don’t know anything about him either. Our tour guide just joked about this is what happens to someone when he drinks too much of their indigenous liquor (can’t think of the name of it right now).


  1. Nice body … why hide it. *smie Many years ago the fashion shop “H&M” have massive billboards with stunning famous ladies in their under ware range and where I lived in Gothenburg there was one just by a busy traffic lights .. they had to move it because of the accidents to caused.


    • I did take this from a moving vehicle…thankfully I wasn’t driving. He was a bit of a shock to see–especially in Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic.


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