french ~~ marie antoinette

Please meet the Queen.

This little furry beast has hung out on our front porch pretty regularly.  The first time she was out there, on her throne, she gave me quite a start.  I jumped but she barely lifted her head in any acknowledgement.  Since then, Rockefeller and I have come home from walks to see her sprawled out on the porch.  Rockefeller didn’t like it.  Yet, again, she barely reacted to his furious barking.  Her attitude was more like, “Bring it on you little mongrel…and then off with your head!”  The other morning when I took this photo it was pretty much the same entitled attitude.  She lifted her head in recognition of my existence.  I politely explained to her that we didn’t want a pet cat and all the reasons for that; we already have a dog who clearly doesn’t like you, we just aren’t cat people, we don’t know where you have been or come from, ear mites, fleas etc.  Her response?  A long, heavy blink of those regal green eyes.  She had spoken… I had been dismissed.  I promptly turned to go back into the house before I could say, “Yes, my lady.  I will bring you your bon bons and milk right away.”

(one last parting shot as I retreated)

If  Miss Thing will be hanging around a bit then I decided I needed to call her something.  Marie Antoinette fit the bill.



44 thoughts on “french ~~ marie antoinette

  1. Geesh!, you’re lucky she let you back into your own house, Heather! She is a stunning little Princess, I love her cattitude! Maybe you accidentally left a pea under that cushion and she’s letting you know that she’s on to you. She might be one of my American cousins, freeloading her way across every state. She has mesmerising eyes, really beautiful!


    • LOL…one of your American cousins, freeloading…you are too funny Sulky Kitten. Maybe I will send Marie out to Hollywood for some good interviews. You could have a foreign correspondent. : )


  2. When Smelly Elliot, the Six-toed Freak lived in your house, he was an outdoor cat. He came to our place often. He’d come in, a take a nap wherever he felt like, snoop around a bit and then take his leave.


    • Smelly Elliot the Six-Toed Freak? LOL! Who lived here when he was around? That is too funny. Does Marie-Antoinette look familiar to you?


      • He belonged to the Dutkiewicz clan but moved to Alexi’s later on. He’s still there as far as I know but an “indoor” boy now.


  3. First … I follow your blog – this one .. but haven’t recieved any email .. could be that I haven’t ticked to box belove here. I understand that she likes your porch – I will enjoy out there too. Both cat and dog lover … cat moves if they don’t like where they are. Had a massive male cat moved in with me many years ago – it was his choice not mine and his name became Whiskey … later on we got a little adorable Zoda too. She are a beautiful cat.


    • I don’t know why you aren’t getting the emails…I show that you signed up to follow. Strange. But I have had that happen a few times too. Maybe it is a WP glitchy thing?


  4. For sure, you have been adopted. I think she will be moving inside when the weather turns cold…she is just waiting to see what kind of food you will be feeding her before she makes her final decision.


    • So, my dear, your comments were getting spammed for some reason so I just found them. She has moved inside…into our garage as was evidenced by the overturned bag of bottles and poop left on my husband’s tools. Not the best way to ingratiate oneself to another.


  5. Funny how people tend to either be ‘dog people’ or ‘cat people’. I’ve always been on the doggie side until my mother, a cat person, died and left a lovely cat. I kept him for five years until I moved to Britain; I just couldn’t put him in quarantine and so I had to find him a new home. It killed me to leave him behind. On the other hand I couldn’t see having a cat should cause me to pass up the opportunity to live abroad. A cat person would likely have chosen the cat, so in spite of loving the little furball and not having had a dog in over 20 years, I’m still a dog person. Marie Antoinette certainly is lovely – and in Britain black cats are considered good luck!


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