chic ~~ sunday full of whimsy

Another great Sunday!  And full of whimsy.

Again we got to spend time with old friends.  We met for dinner at  Brett’s and my favorite restaurant, Chinn Chinns.  Our friends just got back from living a year in Puerto Rico.  Now they have a new plan of eventually living on another island.  Oh, you have to love adventurous retirees.

The picture cracks me up.   I had my 83-year-old MIL take the photo.  I got it all set up for her and everything–“just push the button”.  She is notorious for her lack of picture-taking skills.  After two tries I said it was good enough…laughing.  I showed her the photos in the car.  She says, “What’s so bad about that?  You are all in it. (pause)  Were you all leaning some?”  LOL.  Yes, that is how we like it.  And the whimsy in my outfit?  A cheetah belt with stripes and a vintage gator (faux) bag.  Oh, yes I did!

Once we got home, I made some Mariage Frere’s Lily Muguet tea for my afternoon tea ritual.  I am very much the type who wants tea served in a proper, vintage teapot (Blue Willow for me).  But recently I changed up my teacup to this Charlie Brown and Snoopy mug.  I saw this in a Hallmark store weeks ago and couldn’t get it out of my head because IT IS SO TRUE:

the cup reads: “life doesn’t get any better than this”.

So now, it is coffee in the mornings with Cinderella and tea in the afternoon with the Peanuts.  Simple whimsy for big smiles.

I am calling out for any antique experts to lend me a hand on placing value on this item:

This is a solid (?) brass candelabra that weighs 7.5 lbs.  I bought it a couple of years ago thinking I would use it in the dining room but it is too ornate for my style.  I have it in the foyer now but still don’t know what to do with it.  I have given thought to selling it but not sure what to ask.  Any ideas?  It is really pretty.  Very Parisian chic.  (Some day I will tell you the whimsical tale of how we got that table).

I have to share this too.  My pictures in the foyer are from our trip to Scotland.  The top picture is of Loch Ness.  Wasn’t it fitting to place Belle Fille’s Loch Ness Monster project right under it? Whimsical indeed. Her third grade teacher was crazy about Scotland so many projects were so themed.

Have a whimsical Monday!



27 thoughts on “chic ~~ sunday full of whimsy

  1. Love the Leaning Friends photo! Your outfit looks lovely on you. Did you, ahem, “come across” another handbag? I also keep different cups for different times/moods. I like your teapot, I go the distance and make it properly because it just doesn’t taste as good otherwise. Hope somebody tells you that candelabra is worth a fortune! x


    • Haha…NO! I have had this handbag for a couple of years…she just doesn’t come out often enough. I’m hoping for a small fortune too!


  2. I keep hearing of this Chinn Chinn place you speak of but haven’t made it there yet. I’ll have to put it on my list of eateries.
    BTW – we rarely let my mother take pictures after many of them returning with heads cut off.


    • You and Pete have to check it out. Going on a Sunday afternoon around 3 or 4 would be perfect…we didn’t have to wait at all.


    • It is difficult…if it hadn’t been for all my JCPenney Model training (and my high level tips I shared with the other three) there is no way that picture would have turned out so well. ; )


  3. I love the Blue Willow teapot! My daughter, Willow, has a complete set of Blue Willow dishes. Have you ever read the children’s book that tells the story about the pattern? It’s fun.
    The matting on the Loch Ness pictures is clever and I do love the whimsical Nessy. 🙂
    And finally, are your friends wanting to adopt?? Living on an island sounds wonderful!


    • Of course your Willow should have a complete set. I love the name Willow…you were very creative with your names–applause, applause. I have not seen the children’s book about the story but I have heard versions of the story.


  4. I think the leaning picture is great! You don’t get such a good angle very often! Your handbag is beautiful!
    One of my best friends is from Inverness and ages ago we did a tour of Scotland, so I have very fond memories of Bonnie Prince Charlie, Nessie Bridge, my first and only Haggis (drowned in whisky!) and the men all dressing up in the proper scottish gear, hehehe! 🙂


    • Even drowned in whiskey, I can’t believe you tried haggis. I still have a postcard from Scotland with a haggis recipe on it…if you would like me to share???

      I bought that handbag a couple of years ago from a vintage shop in France. I love it!


  5. What a hoot – barely squeezed in your hubby with room to spare the other side (you look great, by the way). I’ve no bad words to say, though – who knows what my photos will look like when I’m 83? Had to hunt everywhere to put a comment on here…I’m not familiar with this format apparently and nearly gave up. I can already tell my brain is getting older…


    • Well, I am glad you got it all figured out. I have those moments too on different blogging formats–you are not alone.

      I wish I could blame the photo quality on my MIL’s age alone but if you traveled through her albums…


    • I LOVE it too. It is really roomy with all kinds of pockets inside.And the outer pocket is perfect for carrying my Nook. Merci!


  6. Many years ago the fashion shop “H&M” have massive billboards with stunning famous ladies in their under ware range and where I lived in Gothenburg there was one just by a busy traffic lights .. they had to move it because of the accidents to caused.


    • What happen here … totally wrong comment … already given to your other post – any how … what I wanted to say is that you look very chic and french in that outfit and the bag is beautiful – wouldn’t mind one.


      • Thank you…I will keep this is mind about your interest in the handbag. I saw a very similar one on Etsy not long ago but I think it has sold. : ) If I see one, I will let you know.


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