photography ~~ urban (weekly photo challenge)

Old habits die hard. I wasn’t sure if I would continue with WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge but I guess I am going to have to.  It’s fun and I like visiting all the other blogs who participate.  This week’s theme is “Urban”.

I don’t think it  gets any more “urban” than with a pigeon (or more accurately, pigeons by the feather loads).  Have you ever visited a city and NOT seen one?



8 thoughts on “photography ~~ urban (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Before I had chickens I didn’t notice the pigeons. After the ladies arrived, I started noticing all the birds, everywhere, even the ones who sit on the wires. Now that I know how soft birds are, I say to them, “Ha, ha, I know how downy soft your feathers are under your wings.” My parrot lets me touch her there and it is soooooo soft. 🙂


  2. I took my camera with me today to take an “urban” snapshot. While I thought about taking some kind of photo of people getting from A to B, which i find very “urban”, I walked across an open public space and tons of pidgeons took off…So you were on my mind very early this morning 🙂 Have a great day, Heather 🙂


    • WordPress usually announces the next week’s theme on Fridays so stay tuned. And that is funny about the pigeons you saw this morning.


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